Bruce Arians: 'No Doubt' Tampa Bay Buccaneers Have Turned the Page to 2021

Championship hangover? Bucs head coach Bruce Arians believes his team is focused on the 2021 NFL season and not celebrating Super Bowl LV anymore.
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While the Tampa Bay Buccaneers may have just received their Super Bowl LV rings this past Thursday, head coach Bruce Arians believes his team has moved onto the 2021 NFL season.

"Oh, there's no doubt," Arians said Sunday when asked if the Bucs have been able to turn the page to this upcoming season. "The way the guys competed out there and their retention was outstanding."

Nearly the entire roster reported for training camp duties on Sunday, with safety Raven Greene the only one not there due to personal reasons. According to Arians, not a single player came to training camp wearing a Super Bowl ring.

"Not that I saw," Arians said when asked if he noticed a Super Bowl ring on the finger of any Buc.

Arians, who became the oldest head coach to win a Super Bowl, wouldn't even discuss last week's trip to the White House, let alone the championship ring ceremony.

"It's over. It's over," Arians said about last week's festivities. "That's last year."

Tampa Bay's Super Bowl rings are fitted with 319 diamonds, reminiscent of the 31-9 final score over the Kansas City Chiefs. When asked about the beauty of the rings, Arians again kept the focus on this upcoming season.

"That's last year," Arians said again. "I'm not wearing mine."

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The Bucs will look to defend their title this year, or as some in Tampa Bay have said, "go for two." It won't be easy to do that and Arians knows that. He shared what was different about his opening message to the team this year compared to last year.

"Don't assume anything," Arians said. "We're starting from scratch. That was last year's team. This team, we can't assume that we know anything. We have to go back to the beginning, start all over, listen in the meetings and learn more from the film we have from last year."

Arians said he hasn't spoken with anyone from the previous team that he worked for to defend its Super Bowl. While this past championship was his first as a head coach, Arians won two Super Bowls with the Pittsburgh Steelers over the course of four years, when he served as a wide receivers coach and later the offensive coordinator.

The last team to successfully win back-to-back Super Bowls was the Tom Brady-led New England Patriots, who won in 2004 and 2005. Arians was candid when explaining what goes into defending a championship.

"So much of it is luck," Arians said. "You've got to stay healthy. If you start losing guys, [like] starters, your chances go down. So, you've got to have some luck."

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