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If you watched the football game in Landover, Md. on Sunday and understood it was a rematch between the Super Bowl champions of a year ago and a team they beat in the Wild Card round of that postseason, but knew not who won the 2020-21 title, you may have guessed that the reigning champs were the Washington Football Team.

But they aren't, that title belongs to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. And the Football Team got its revenge for the Wild Card matchup in the end.

The Buccaneers put together a listless performance against Washington on Sunday, despite a bye week in between the game and their loss to the New Orleans Saints to address and correct their flaws.

"It's very disappointing. It's very alarming to watch the energy at every practice and show up with a lack of execution and energy that it takes to win on Sunday," head coach Bruce Arians spoke of the loss. "We've got a lot of soul-searching to do."

Arians didn't mince his words while recapping the defeat, admitting that Tampa Bay is a "very dumb football team," which he called a reflection of coaching.

Although we won't directly insult the team, perhaps Arians has a point. The Bucs are the sixth-most penalized team in the NFL this year and have shown very little signs of improvement in that category. They're tied for the fifth most false starts in the NFL with 13, tied for the most defensive pass interference calls in the league with 11, and rank third in penalty yardage given up despite a bye week 

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"The penalties, they've gotta get corrected sooner or later. The first play of the game, they're shifting and we jump offsides," Arians explained, although the call was a false start on tight end O.J. Howard offensively on the first play of the game. "They don't even run a play and we jump offsides.

"The stupidity has to go away if we're gonna go anywhere."

In fairness, although the six penalties called on Sunday did not help the Buccaneers' comeback efforts, yellow flags were not the reason Tampa Bay established a two-game losing streak.

The primary factor was two back-breaking interceptions thrown across quarterback Tom Brady's first six passes, paving the way to a 13-0 Washington lead minutes into the second quarter. Allowing the Football Team to convert on 11-of-19 third downs and 2-of-2 fourth downs were a major component as well, particularly on Washington's 19-play, victory-sealing touchdown drive at the end of the fourth quarter.

It was a showing reminiscent of Tampa Bay's Week 8 loss to New Orleans, prior to their bye. Brady committed three turnovers in that game - two interceptions and a fumble - while the Saints converted 2-3 fourth downs to make up for a 35.7 conversion percentage on third. The Buccaneers were flagged 11 times for 99 yards in that contest.

The Bucs are a talented enough team to make the playoffs and go on a run. They won't make it very far, though, if the team continues to shoot itself in the foot - especially in games they are supposed to win, considering they entered the Washington game as 9.5-point road favorites.

"It has nothing to do with ability," Arians said. "It's about execution and being a smart football team."

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