Todd Monken Calls Baltimore Defense 'Very Aggressive'

Sports Xchange

(On how the game changes later in the season)

“It can become different with the weather conditions, in terms of protecting the football, the elements. Whether it’s a team coming here and it’s 85 degrees and it’s hot – them getting used to that – or us going there it’s a little bit colder. We’ve just got to do a great job protecting the football – not turning it over and getting explosive plays.”

(On the facing Ravens’ aggressive defense)

“Across the board, really talented players – starts with that. They don’t have a lot of holes. They’re big and physical and they’re aggressive. They’re not scared to play man, they’re not scared to be aggressive and blitz you. They take it to you – they bring the game to you. We have to be ready to join that party. They’re going to be aggressive and they’re going to come after us, so we’ve got to be ready to join that party because that’s the kind of party it’s going to be.”