Todd Monken Expects Mike Evans to Have Great Game vs. Redskins

Sports Xchange

(On wide receiver Adam Humphries)

“Adam’s a good football player and sometimes he’s open you don’t get him the ball and other times it just kind of presents itself. It worked out well for Adam. Since I’ve been here, he’s been a really good football player. It’d be hard to say where he’s improved because I think from the first day I got here, he’d already been here a year. He’s been a good player for us.”

(On tight end O.J. Howards growth and his touchdown passes against Carolina)

“Like most players, I mean they’re going to continue to progress like he has. Again, it just presented itself. Sometimes opportunities for skill guys come their way and sometimes they don’t – just worked out this week. He’s doing a much better job I think with his pad level and his releases and he’s going to continue to grow as a blocker.”

(On if it’s more important to have longer sustaining drives than controlling the clock)

“You would think so. You would think that all that fits to not turning it over and finding ways to control the game and not allow a number of possessions, but sometimes that doesn’t present itself. Sometimes you get explosive plays because you get caught there a little bit. It’s hard to score when you don’t get explosive plays. When you don’t and so that’s that tough part is finding a way to score. We want to be explosive and not turn it over.”

(On the biggest challenge going against the Reskins)

“Well, they’ve got really good player upfront – it starts with that. They’ve built it that way. They’re big, powerful starting with their linebackers and outside linebackers and interior guys. They’ve got back-to-back first round picks I think from Alabama. They’re good up front. They make it hard on you to get movement and then back end they’ve got – banged up at corner a little bit – but obviously [Josh] Norman has been a really good player for a number of years. [D.J.] Swearinger’s playing – I mean, he’s playing really well. I was not here when he was here, but he’s active, making a lot of plays in the run game and the pass game. They make it hard on you with a number of really good players and schematically they do a really good job.”