Todd Monken: Fitzpatrick is Likeable Because He's Humble, Has a Beard

Sports Xchange

(On if he is concerned about red zone offense)

“[I’m] not. The sample size is still small, so it’s frustrating, it’s disappointing. You’re not going to be perfect. If you are, we come out victorious no matter what the turnover situation was. It’s tough because some of the things we did down there were self-inflicted. We’re first-and-goal on the six [yard-line] we get and illegal shift, that puts you first-and-goal at the 11– not good. We miss a protection so we don’t slide, hits a defender in the helmet and the ball gets deflected and gets intercepted. Disappointing. Again, those aren’t excuses – we’ve got to do it better. There wasn’t really anything – looking back, sure, running the football probably helps that. I’ve got to do a better job of that. We’ve got to do a better job collectively. That’s a part of it and at the end there isn’t a call that came up that I want to take back or something – it’s the execution that we’ve got to do better and that’s the way it is. We’ve got good players – we’ve just got to do – better when we get down there. Now, part of that is if you get down there and try to score touchdowns, we’ve been explosive and that’s added to that without actually getting there. We’ve got to do better down there.” 

(On how much the addition of linebacker Khalil Mack changed what the Bears are able to do on defense)

“First of all, they were really good before up front and really good schematically and then you add a first round pick linebacker and you add Khalil Mack to the mix and they added [Aaron] Lynch to the D-line, so they’ve added some pieces there that forces you to – whenever you’ve got a game-wrecker type player, you’ve got to know where he’s at at all times and do everything in your power that he doesn’t change the game because so far he has. So far, he’s been a weapon so it’s our job to figure out a way he isn’t that type player against us.”

(On what allows wide receiver Chris Godwin to recover after a couple bad plays)

“He’s not wired that way. For a young guy, intelligent, tough, consummate pro, works at it, going to make tough catches, had a couple other opportunities that were tight catches to make. Chris is a really good football player and only going to get better.”