Todd Monken: Focused on Explosive Plays, Ball Protection Against Browns

Sports Xchange

(On how quarterback Jameis Winston played against Atlanta)

“I thought he really played well. I mean really when you think about missing three weeks. When we were preparing for Chicago, Fitz took the majority of the reps anticipating he would start and we threw [Winston] to the fire, trying to get him some work. And then really having one week –

because in the Bye Week we didn’t practice, guys were off – I thought he played really well.”

(On what changes have led to increased scoring around the NFL)

“Well we’ve answered this before, but I’ll touch on it just briefly. There a lot of different things – rules, space, athletic tailbacks, more athletic Ys, from a match up stand point. A lot of that you’re seeing much more tempo, so again space creates those opportunities.

(On the improvement in the running game)

“Had a couple explosive runs, but the explosives were one half of it. The other was there was also a number of 7-yard runs, 6-yard runs, a 4-yard run a 5-yard run and those are just as important. The toughest part is an explosive and three or four runs that are one and two yards and now your average looks the same, but your situation in terms of the chains is different – in terms of how you call it. To me, that was every bit as important was the explosives we got and then the middle runs.’

(On what he’s like from running back Ronald Jones)

“It’s hard because you talk about skilled players and you talk about production, so it’s hard to say like, ‘Ok, well, what did you like about’ – it’s like a wide out had two catches for 10 yards – what did you like?’ I like that he’s getting better. I like that he’s continuing to improve. Probably as much as anything we haven’t seen it yet in terms of a run that broke or a catch down the field. He continues to get better. I think he’s only going to get better because he has talent.”