See Tom Brady's New Bucs Jersey

Luke Easterling

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers unveiled their new uniforms Tuesday, paying tribute to their glory days with an updated take on the look they wore during their Super Bowl XXXVII championship run.

Perhaps more importantly, we can now stop seeing all those Photoshop edits of Tom Brady in those awful alarm-clock numbers.

Yes, now we know what Tom Brady's new Bucs jerseys will look like. 

They're here, and they're beautiful:

The uniform release was met with much fan fare, with Bucs faithful voicing their overwhelming support for the old-yet-new look. Fans appear to be especially enamored with the new all-pewter Color Rush look, something completely new to the ensemble.

It will take wins on the field to return the Bucs to true glory, but signing Brady and turning back the clock with these new uniforms are a pair of fantastic steps in the right direction.

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No. 1-1

Its good to see his name on the back of a Bucs jersey!! New unis look great.