Bruce Arians on Why Tom Brady is the Right Fit for the Bucs

Luke Easterling

Can Tom Brady really win championships in Tampa Bay.

That's the hope of Bucs head coach Bruce Arians, who made Brady his No. 1 target heading into free agency this offseason.

The Bucs haven't won a playoff game since Super Bowl XXXVII 17 years ago, they've had the same amount of losing seasons as they have fired head coaches in the years since that title run.

Can Brady really make that big of a difference?

Speaking on Tuesday's conference call to introduce Brady as the team's new quarterback, Arians talked about why Brady is the right man at the right time for his team.

"Well, I think we do our due diligence every year after a season to see how we can better our football team and better our organization," Arians said about his approach to offseason evaluations. "When we looked at everybody that might be available at the quarterback position, obviously really never dreaming that Tom would be available, but if he was, he was going to be our number one choice. Mainly because he can do everything that we want to do in our offense, but more than that it's his leadership ability that we need in our locker room to get where we want to go. Once that became a reality it was full bore ahead, let's see what we've got to do and see if we can get this done."

Many things had to fall into place for this situation to fit. Brady had to actually leave the New England Patriots, where he'd spent his entire 20-year NFL career. The Bucs had to get Brady to pick them over a number of potential suitors on the open market. 

In the end, everything came together, and Brady now embarks on a new challenge with a promising team.

The Bucs haven't been nationally relevant in a long time, but with Brady in the fold, they're already in the playoff conversation.

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No. 1-1

It will be interesting to see if Bruce uses Brady the same way that Bill did. I hope that Brady lives up to all the hype because if he can, this team will be something special.