Transcript: Cornerback M.J. Stewart 8/3/18

Photo: Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

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(On how he processes the information that comes with playing two positions)

“Making sure I stay in my book. Just making sure I know all of the adjustments, making sure I know what I’m doing every play, and that’s all it is. Just staying in the book, and preparation. I’m a notes person. I take as many notes as I can. If you look at my notebook, there’s notes on every page. I have notes in the corner, I have highlights, everything. That’s how I learn the best, is just to take notes. And even if I wrote it down before, I’ll write it down again so I can remember it.”

(On what he’s learned specifically from Buccaneers receivers)

“Just from NFL receivers a lot. Last year I would see those guys on TV making big plays, and now I’m covering them. So, I get a taste of that NFL receiver and what they’re like.”

(On if he has learned any of the secrets facing NFL wide receivers)

“At this level, they’re the best in the world. They have a little bit of everything – a lot of everything really. Every time you go against them, you’ve got to be on you’re A-game.”

(On how hard it is to stay mentally tough)

“It is tough – I’m not going to lie – but you just got to be, like you said ‘mentally tough’ and just know next play because one play you can get a flag, next play you can get a pick-six and change it’s whole game – change the whole momentum. You can’t get down on yourself because if you get down on yourself it’s like a ripple effect and it’s just like a domino effect and it’s just going to go down from there.”

(On if he’s thought about playing in his first NFL game next week)

“I think about it every night, man. I think about that every night, especially watching that Hall of Fame game last night. It’s just exciting. That’s why I come to compete every day at practice because I know I have that preseason game coming up. That’s the time for me to go out there and show everybody – show the world - what I can do.”