Transcript: Head Coach Dirk Koetter 8/3/18

Photo: Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

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(On if today was a sharp day for the quarterbacks)

“No, it was not a sharp day for the quarterbacks. It was not a sharp day for the offense in general. We say in training camp it’s 50-50 [offense vs. defense] today it was 10-90 for the defense. I mean it was just not a good day for the offense today.”

(On if the overall offensive mistakes were self-inflicted or the defense)

“Both, defense made some really nice plays. Offense had a hard time getting in any rhythm all day, so that’s why it’s called practice. You know, you go in, they get back at three o’ clock and we get to relive it all again and make corrections and maybe we can come out and do better tomorrow. That’s all we can do.”

(On how pleased he has been with the rookie cornerbacks Carlton Davis and M.J. Stewart)

“Good because both of those guys are competing hard and they’re both not afraid to be physical. Sometimes - especially corners - they might be a little bit timid, but both of these guys are playing really physical. They’re fighting at the line of scrimmage, so they’re giving our guys just fits getting off the line of scrimmage, with possible exception of a couple of our top receivers.”

(On his thoughts about the right side of the offensive line)

“We’ve had a couple injuries, so that dictates how practices is. Dot [Demar Dotson] easing his way back into 11-on-11. Leonard Wester has missed the last two days and Caleb [Benenoch] left practice early today and I’m not sure what the extent of that is. That’s the reason it’s just unsettled right now ‘until we see who’s going to be available for New Orleans. You’ve got to constantly be working your depth and be working guys because you don’t know how it’s going to end up especially when guys are banged up.”

(On rookie running back Shaun Wilson)

“He’s small in height, but he’s got really good quickness, really good vision. He can burst and he’s smart. There’s been plenty of short in stature running backs that have success in the NFL. I think he’s somewhere between 185 and 190 weight-wise, but he’s got some leverage when he tries to run with power. He also makes guys miss. He’s been an impressive guy in camp. It’ll be real interesting to see him go live against Miami next Thursday. He’ll get some chances.”

(On Chris Godwin as a person)

“Mature as a football player for sure. I don’t know him well enough off the field, but mature as a football player. He’s a guy that doesn’t say much in the meeting, but he also doesn’t make very many mistakes on the field. For anybody who’s getting fewer reps, half the battle is not making mistakes once you’re in there and he doesn’t make many mistakes.”

(On the wide receiver depth)

“Freddie [Martino] has been in this offense for like six years because he was with us in Atlanta. Freddie is also a very valuable special teams player for us, but that gives the other guys reps. [Justin] Watson did miss a lot, so these reps are valuable. Bobo Wilson is another guy that’s trying to get up and [Jake] Lampman is another guy that’s trying to climb into that race for those last wide receiver spots. When one guy is out – just like we were talking about with the right side of the O-Line – whoever’s turn it is, that’s their time to shine. I promise you when those guys are sitting in those meetings and other guys are getting corrected, those other guys are thinking - well I wouldn’t do that – and then all of a sudden, you’re out there and it’s your turn. That’s what practice this time of year is all about.”

(On the depth of the rookies)

“I’m a big fan of the late cut because it gives you 15 more guys to play in that fourth game and you’re always probably going to hold a few guys out of that fourth game. There are some guys that you’re still a little bit on the fence on, so health comes into it. Yeah, the competition could go into that fourth game for a few of these last spots. It usually does anyway. The depth will help for sure.”

(On how quarterback Jamies Winston handles practicing with different groups of players)

“He’s handled it fine. Strictly as far as throwing the football, Jameis is really throwing the football well. Jamies in the individual periods, his arm and his shoulder are the best they’ve been in quite a while. He’s really finishing his throws. His balls are turning over and when that nose comes over and the ball doesn’t kind of flutter at the end and it accelerates to the target as good as I’ve seen. He threw that one deep ball to Shaun Wilson there at the end and again when those balls turn over and finish. I think it’s probably a little frustrating for Jameis to not always be going with the top guys, but what I’ve talked to him about is I think the best quarterbacks in this league make anybody they’re playing with better. There’s no better example of that than Tom Brady. For year, it’s not like he’s had an all-star cast of receivers, but he makes them look pretty good.”

(On why Winston is wearing a glove on the hand he doesn’t throw with)

“A lot of guys think that improves their grip. That improves their grip when their carrying the ball with two hands and when they’re running with the football. It’s a pretty popular thing in the league and you’ve even got guys – Philip Rivers, I saw Matt Ryan do it a couple times – wear gloves on their right hands. You’ll have to ask him more about it, but I don’t think it’s affecting his throwing at all.”

(On the purpose of the green hats during practice)

“Those are the positions, so when we have a scout team over there that’s D-linemen, DBs and linebackers because we’re usually doing blitz periods there, so we have different protection calls based on different body types. We might have had Alex Cappa masquerading as a defensive back. We were working against a dime 32 package. So you has 7 DBs, three down [linemen], 2 linebackers, 6 DBs in the games, so the hats just indicate the position so the quarterbacks, backs and tight ends know who’s who.”