WATCH: Buccaneers First-Rounder Graham Barton Gets Taste of First Florida Summer

The Duke product has to get used to the brutal Florida heat.
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The Florida heat is something special, especially during the summer months. It's different than that out West, where it's hot but dry, and also cools off once the sun sets. In Florida, it's the complete opposite type of hot. The hot that has lots of humidity tied to it, making it hard to breathe, and even when the sun goes down it isn't quite blazing, but it is still hot and muggy out.

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Tampa Bay Buccaneers 2024 first-round draft pick Graham Barton is getting his first taste of playing in the Florida heat as OTAs are winding down and it looks like he is enjoying the little things that come with it, such as the slight breeze that will cool you off for about a second and the sponge baths between sessions.

Not only is the heat getting the work in on Barton, but the rays from the sun are exhausting him as well. Florida weather takes some getting used and Barton will eventually become acclimated to it.

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Barton fell to the Bucs 26th overall as they look to improve their offensive line from last season where they struggled heavily to create running room between the tackles. Their pass blocking was pretty solid, but with the addition of Barton and one or two other moves the Bucs' o-line should make a jump in 2024.

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