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Arizona Cardinals Expectations Against Saints

The Saints top-10 run defense will cause Kyler Murray and Kliff Kingsbury to be very creative in the passing game.

The Cardinals face the New Orleans Saints, their toughest challenge since their three game win streak. The Saints have the advantage with the unknown about which Quarterback the Cardinals need to game plan for, Drew Brees or Teddy Bridgewater. But more importantly, the Saints defense might be the hardest adversary for the Arizona Cardinals to over come. How can the Cardinals be effective against a top 10 run defense and a top 15 in passing yards allowed per game?

Kyler Murray started the season by impressing all the Cardinals' fans with his arm talent. The Cardinals' were pass heavy. The pass heavy offense has finally found balance. The run game developed against the Bengals in Week 5, and has found such a rhythm that second string RB, Chase Edmonds, is becoming more prone to monster runs for massive yards over star RB David Johnson. The Cardinals come into Week 8 having to face a top ten defense against the run, and realistically this will cause problems with the chemistry that the run game has recently developed. David Johnson might not play. Chase Edmonds will be bottled up. Cardinals should not expect much on the ground from the Cardinals in this game. 

Kyler Murray has impressed with his run skills, but his arm talent is even more impressive. If the O-line can play decently enough to give Kyler a little more time with the ball, then the Cardinals receivers might be in for a huge game. Kyler's arm talent is almost unmatched. His accuracy is amazing. 

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This throw to David Johnson on third and five shows his accuracy. The two falcons  defenders committed a pass interference penalty, but the ball came right in-between the defenders and was thrown low enough that Johnson made the adjustment to catch the ball in the end zone. 

Mismatches in the passing against the Saints secondary is where the focus needs to be in order for the Cardinals to have any positive effect in the game. If David Johnson is cleared to play, that will be a huge benefit for the Cardinals because of the mismatch against linebackers that he creates when lined up as receiver. 

Larry Fitzgerald has been quiet since starting the season with two 100 yard games. A hard focus in the passing game hopefully means more targets for Fitzgerald. Larry is always mismatched and the Saints secondary consisting of Marshon Lattimore and Eli Apple, should not be good enough to lock him out. 

Kingsbury was criticized for being "too cute" with the offense earlier in the season. If there is a game that he needs to show his ability and creativity as a play caller, this Sunday against the New Orleans Saints is the game.