Coach Wilks - 'We Didn't Play Smart Football'

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Head Coach Steve Wilks speaks with the media after the 23-21 loss to the Oakland Raiders.

Opening statement:

“Disappointing loss to say the least. A lot of credit to the Oakland Raiders. The one thing we did tonight, we didn’t play smart football down the stretch. We beat ourselves. Penalties hurt us. Lack of concentration within the play. Had a big play down the side line, we have to learn how to finish. The turnovers early, I think put us behind the sticks a little bit. Offense found a way to bounce back, move the ball some, was able to get the ball in the end zone. As well as the defense right here coming up with some stops on third down, we have to do a much better job.”

On what is going to sting the most about this loss:

“Just the way we beat ourselves, in my opinion. The penalty hurt big time. And just the mere fact of a lack of concentration right here and relaxing within the play on that long pass down the sideline. Unacceptable.”

On if Jermaine needs to be smarter in certain situations:

“All guys need to be smarter than that. Those guys were doing it all game. Keep talking to the guys about being smart, to just walk away. The guy as he explained to me was doing something at the bottom of the pile. Regardless of the situation, we can’t be enticed like that.”

On Bene Benwikere’s coverage:

“There’s quarters there. Outside leverage position. And again, you just can’t relax. You have to learn how to finish. We had our opportunity right there with the dropped interception to steal the game, had our hands on the ball. Josh Bynes, we have to come up with that play. We had different opportunities, the muffed punt, being able to have opportunities to get that. We just didn’t finish tonight.”

On what this loss does for the mindset of the team:

“Well, you know it’s definitely going to hurt but again, we just have to get over it. Sitting here worrying about this loss isn’t going to help us get ready for the Chargers. We have to do a much better job getting this out of our system early and pressing forward.”

On what changed in the offense in the first quarter vs. the second and third quarters:

“You got to give them credit as well. I thought we were moving the ball well. At times, we have to sustain our blocks a little bit more. I thought they were coming off some. The linebackers started coming down hill a little bit, but we just have to execute.”

On if he was able to pay attention to how OL Korey Cunningham looked tonight:

“On the surface, no. I know we only gave up one so that was encouraging. I know he was hurt a couple times. I thought for the most part those guys did a decent job of protection.”

On if any changes will be made for the rest of the season:

“I’m not going to make any decisions right here at the podium. As always, there’s things to evaluate and look at across the board.”

On Rosen’s interceptions early in the game:

“Again, rookie mistakes. Things that can’t happen there, have to be smarter with the football. If it’s not there we have to look to check it down.”

On how comfortable he is with his status in the organization:

“I’m just worried about trying to win a football game. As I watch this tape tomorrow, I’m getting ready for the Chargers. I have so many other things to worry about right now I’m not concerned with that right now.”

On how much of this loss is on the staff vs. the players?

“It’s 50-50 because we all have our hand in it. We have to do a much better job of coaching and a much better job of executing when we’re on the field.”


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