QB Josh Rosen: "Hopefully, this is the first win of many.”

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You said last week that you’d rather not play unless you get a win, so I’m guessing you feel better this week than you did last week?

“One hundred percent. I’ll take this every time.”

Did you foreshadow that or something?

“Maybe. I mean, we all got things to work on and it’s a long road ahead but hopefully, this is the first win of many.”

What made that first play work?

“[Arizona Cardinals WR] Christian [Kirk] ran really, really fast. Our offensive line pulled him up real well. We told him we needed a shot that first play and wanted the kind of spark to make something happen. And, it held up, and he made a play.”

The safety went down and looked for Arizona Cardinals WR Larry Fitzgerald on that. Even when he’s not catching the ball what kind of impact does he have on a play such as that?

“I mean, you can see those dreads from anywhere. He’s an asset on the field whether he’s got the ball or not. We’ve got to give him a lot of attention. He frees up a lot of other guys.”

How do you keep your head after that pass? You kind of went up and down a little bit, but how do you keep your head like that?

“Just not getting too high or too low. Just trying to always stay positive and consistent. I got a little frustrated at times on the sideline, some stuff I know I can do better, but it is what it is and it’s a win. So, we’ll move on and watch the film tomorrow, and get the 24 hour rule and move on.”

Do you have an idea with some of the overthrows if it was adrenaline or mechanics, or anything that you know that a few of those balls were offset a little bit?

“It might have been a little bit something different every single play, but we’ll see tomorrow. All I care about is this win. I’m pretty happy we got the first one.”

After being so positive all the time, what’s a frustrated Josh Rosen like?

“Gashing on the sideline and other than that, getting a little grumpy. I’ll try to tell some of my guys around me that if I ever get like that just kind of tap me and be like, ‘Bro, come on.’ Like, same stuff I do with them, I expect them to hold me the same way.”

When was it decided you were going to take that shot for the first play of the game?

“I think coach [Steve Wilks] told us like, maybe yesterday, in one of the meetings in the morning or something, he was like thinking about it. And he was like, “Hey, I think I’m going to take a shot.” So, let’s do it.”

I’m sure you love that as a quarterback, right?

“One hundred percent.”

What did that play show? What did that prove? What kind of message was that?

“Nothing in particular. I think we were just trying to get a spark in any way possible, and just try to get our offensive rolling. We haven’t been scoring as many points as we wanted to, so I think we took a really good first step.”

You struggled on third down today.

“I think San Francisco did a really awesome job disguising the looks. They did a lot of different stuff out there. I think we adjusted pretty well, but there are obviously a lot of things we can do better.”

How happy are you about the turnovers your defense created?

“Very happy. I mean, five’s a lot. I’ll take that any game, especially when they end the game with them scoring. It’s awesome. We’ve got [Arizona Cardinals DE] Chandler [Jones] who stepped up and played an unbelievable game. [Arizona Cardinals CB] Pat [Patrick Peterson] played an awesome game. I mean, our superstars played like superstars.”

Was that important for you as a quarterback knowing that if you don’t have a huge possession that the defense can do a nice job at keeping close the solid fair shoot out every single week?

“Yeah, it definitely is nice. Every game is kind of its own thing and it all has a different feeling. We have the ability to pound the ball with a running back who’s the best in the country. We have a late passing game, so it kind of all depends on the feel of the game and how we’re going.”

Does the time of possession matter if you guys still win?

“Yeah, it definitely matters. I mean, I think a general rule of thumb in football is that the further you get into games, the offensive line should start moving the defensive line, the defensive front a little bit. Because the offense knows where they’re going and usually tempo works in offense’s favor. So, I mean it does matter to help our defense to stay on the field and give them a rest a little bit. I guess today was a testament to how good our defense is and the fact that we did leave them out there a little bit longer. We had some three-and-outs that we got to work on, but for the most part they held their own and played really, really, really well.”

Is getting Larry a little bit more involved something you guys will probably hit on?

“I mean, sure. For the most part he was pretty involved. I just missed him on a naked buoy, but I just kind of overthrew him a little bit. That could have been a 34-yard completion right there. I missed him on a third down conversion or something. I mean, a couple little things here, little things there. From an outside eye, sometimes it looks one way, but from the inside, I’ve definitely made a lot of mistakes I’m working on.”

How does it feel to get your first win?

“It’s awesome. I’m very excited.”

How about that first play? I mean, you can’t start any better than that. What was your takeaway on how you guys were able to execute that play to Kirk?

“I mean, I think it shows a lot of potential of our offense. We’re not really clicking on all cylinders, but I think it shows what happens when we are. I think we can be unbelievably dangerous, especially the way our defense is built and how we’ve got some unbelievable guys in the secondary. We’ve got some really good pass rushers. So, if we can get up in the game and make a team have to throw the ball, I think teams would be in a lot of trouble. We just have to continue to get better and better.”

If you’re eight cylinders, how many are clicking?

“I don’t know. I think a lot of it’s on me, just trying to kind of break in the offense. I didn’t get a lot of the training camp reps and stuff, so we’re working our kinks out now. I mean, it’s a long season; we’ve got a long ways to go. Even if we didn’t play as well as we wanted to, at least we had more points than the other team.”


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