QB Josh Rosen On NFL Debut

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On how he found out he was going to go into the game:

“Sitting on the bench, I saw Coach (Steve) Wilks walk over and say something to Sam (Bradford), and then Byron (Leftwich) came over and said, ‘Get ready.’ So, I went over and started warming up.”

On if going in with so little time in the fourth quarter was a welcome-to-the-NFL moment:

“Yeah, after they told me, I just wanted to go down and get a field goal and try to win the game. It didn’t happen, unfortunately, but we’ve got a long season, and hopefully I’ll find my groove.”

On his performance given the circumstances:

“I threw a pick and almost a second pick-six, so I’ve got a lot to work on.”

On if he thought it was a tough situation:

“Yeah, but the NFL is a very tough league and full of tough situations with tough players. So, it’s kind of just the name of the game.”

On if he will be the starting quarterback moving forward:

“I don’t know. That’s not up to me.”

On Head Coach Steve Wilks saying that he needs to think about who will start the next game:

“It’s not up to me, and that’s his decision.”

On if he thought there was a chance this week that he would play:

“I’m ready every week, and every backup on this team is always ready because football is a very violent sport. Anything can happen, and everyone should prepare as if they are the guy, they are the starter.”

On if he was trying to avoid a sack when he threw the interception:

“No. We got a look at two-man, so if I’m out breaker and try to put it out to the sidelines, I just didn’t put enough arm on it. He was open, for sure, if I brought him down a little bit, but I just underthrew it – a bad mistake to happen.”

On what the offense can do better:

“I think the whole team can do a lot better in all different kinds of areas – offense, defense and special teams.”

On what he said to QB Sam Bradford on the sidelines:

“Just try to support him and give him a high five every time he comes off the field. It’s a tough game out there, and there are a lot of setbacks. We’re all on one team, so we’re all supporting each other.”

On what Bradford told him when he gave him support as he came off the field:

“Just giving me some encouragement. Definitely not a great way to end your first drive, but overall, we have a very supportive team. Sam and Mike Glennon have been unbelievably supportive since the day I stepped in Arizona.”

On what Quarterbacks Coach Byron Leftwich said to him before he went on the field:

“I should tell you what everyone told me the last 45 minutes. The same stuff. Just encouraging. Telling me the next play.”

On if the last week has been uncomfortable at all for him because of the speculation that he might play:

“That’s not up to me.”

On if he heard all the speculation:

“No. I’m preparing like I’m going to start every single week.”

On what his emotions are like and if he’s mad at himself:

“I don’t know. Sort of. I guess you could say I’m kind of content that I got to get out there and sort of understand and get the feel of a real NFL game, but I definitely could play a lot better. So, I’m looking forward to getting better in the weeks to come.”

On the third-and-two play to RB Chase Edmonds:

“(It was) a good called play. It didn’t work out. Just kind of is what it is. It’s football.”

On if on a personal level he was pleased with the offsides call against Bears LB Khalil Mack:

“Yeah, absolutely. It definitely saved me a little bit.”

On Mack causing a lot of trouble and disruption elsewhere:

“Yeah. He’s a very good player.”


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