QB Sam Bradford: "There’s a lot of things that need to improve."

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(On what can fix the offensive issues they have had the past two weeks)

I wish that there was one thing that I could tell you that if we got that fixed that it would be instantly better. I think theres a lot of things that need to improve for us going through and its got to start happening now. This is two weeks in a row we've let the defense down and I think we all understand that we have to play better.

(On if the offense is something that can be fixed in a week or if it is a long-term process)

I think - look at the tape, see exactly what type of mistakes were made. I definitely think that certain ones that were made today are correctable and fixable and were going to put in everything we have to making sure that it does get corrected.

(On how he explains six points in eight quarters)

We just havent played very well. We didnt even give ourselves the opportunity to score points today.

(On what exactly is not working)

Like I said, I think theres - I wish there were one thing that I could point to and say weve got to get that fixed and as soon as we do, we will be up and rolling. I just think theres a multitude of things that kind of need to get fixed right now.

(On whether the lack of explosive plays down the field hurt the offense)

Yeah, I mean I think that plays a part in it. We saw a lot of split safety today though. Obviously, explosive plays help generate points. They kind of give some momentum for our side. They do a lot of positives for the team as a whole, so weve got to figure out a way to try to create some of those.

(On how the lack of offense these last two weeks makes him feel, personally)

Frustrating, to say the least. I think to put so much work and so much effort into getting back on to the field and then to play the way we have in the past two weeks, I think its just really disappointing.

(On why there is such a disconnect between what he and the offense have worked on in the offseason and how they perform in a game)

Im not sure. I wish I could tell you that.

(On what the Rams defense does to make it so difficult to move the ball)

Theyre obviously a very talented defense at every level of the defense. They just did a good job today, really kind of limiting our run game. We had some self-inflicted wounds that kind of set us back. Its hard to play these guys when youre on second and third-and-long.


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