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Twitter Reacts to RB Jonathan Ward's 'Helmet Catch'

The Cardinals executed a fake punt against the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday in a way that sent waves through social media.

The Arizona Cardinals lined up to punt on fourth-and-2 in the second quarter against the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday.

Arizona was looking at its second straight possession ending in a punt up 3-0, and they got creative instead. 

The snap went to safety Chris Banjo off to the left, who moved to his right and lofted the ball down the seam.

Running back Jonathan Ward was the target, and he had to come back to the under-thrown ball in the air. 

Cowboys cornerback Nahshon Wright never turned around and made contact in the air with Ward, leading to a pass interference call and successful execution for the Cardinals. 

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But, the Cardinals did not accept the penalty because Ward somehow pinned the football to Wright's helmet and kept it secure on the way down. 

It did not seem real, but the catch was completed and that led to FOX color commentator Troy Aikman calling it maybe the best catch of the year. 

Naturally, Twitter was all over this play, and it drew comparisons to the renowned helmet catch by former New York Giants wide receiver David Tyree in Super Bowl XLII against the New England Patriots. However, Tyree pinned the ball to his own helmet, not the defender's.

The Cardinals went down and scored a touchdown on that drive. They led 13-7 going into halftime, so the helmet catch and ensuing score turned out to be the difference in the game through 30 minutes. 

History note: