Wilks - 'The Consistency Is Not There'

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Opening Statement:

“Only injury update I have tonight is [LB] Josh Bynes, his thumb. I think he should be fine. I’ll find out from the trainers and let you guys know tomorrow. We talked about coming in here on the road, starting fast. I thought we did a great job of doing that, taking the first drive down and scoring. From that point, the wheels just fell off a little bit. Defensively, we look at the missed tackles. The yardage after the contact wasn’t good. The missed field goal opportunity, to be able to get points. We were able to take the ball away once and didn’t come up with any points there. And then of course the critical turnover on our side. With that, I’ll take your questions.”

On losing confidence once the Chargers got up:

“I don’t think so. I think the guys were still fighting. They were still competing. We just couldn’t put any drives together. We couldn’t really get off the field.”

On what they can gain from this game:

“I hope we gained a lot because it’s definitely not what we want from the embarrassing standpoint. We’ve got to do a much better job on the defensive side, number one, tackling, and really in the red zone. You’ve got to hold those guys to field goals.”

On what happened with that second quarter sequence where they got the turnover:

“Again, you’ve got to take advantage of those opportunities and sometimes, they can be deflating. We’ve just got to do a better job of putting the ball in the end zone, most importantly, and just getting three points.”

On what changed between the first three drives where they gained a 10-point lead and the rest of the game:

“Well, you’ve got to continue to try to get moving up front. Try to establish a running game. Want to try to create — slow those guys down, those dynamic pass rushers — we wanted to be able to do that first. Then, also, create the play-action off of that. We’ve just got to do a much better job up front. That’s where it starts.”

On the cornerback position:

“It’s a revolving door. Guys have got to step up. [That] wasn’t great play there. We made the switch there with [CB David] Amerson, and we’ve got to continue to try to figure out exactly who is going to be opposite of that.”

On if this was an embarrassing loss:

“That’s definitely an understatement there. Definitely was embarrassing. Definitely wasn’t what we want. This organization, that team in that locker room, those players and coaches — we’ve got to do better.”

On why so many points were allowed:

“Again, fundamentals and technique, guys tackling, guys doing their job. Coaches coaching, and it all starts with me.”

On if Chargers QB Philip Rivers’ performance was a factor in the defensive performance:

“No. 1, Philip is a great quarterback. We’ve got to do a good job defensively of really hugging up to our coverage, being tighter, contesting throws, being in position to make plays on the ball.”

On what has potentially stunted their progress:

“The inconsistency is there. I think you’ve seen some great play out of this team, out of this defense, some good, great things out of the offense. I think it’s more inconsistent, and that’s the thing that we’ve got to try to make sure we can correct. Find a way to be consistent in the things that we’re doing. You go back and look at previous games—we made strides. The consistency is not there.”

On why the team is so inconsistent:

“A number of things. Tackling, number one. Protecting the football, number two. Blocking up front and trying to get positive yardage, and getting off the field on third down.”

On DT Robert Nkemdiche’s performance:

“I thought he had his best game all year. Did some great things. That was great to see on that side of the ball, guys stepping up upfront like that.”

On how Nkemdiche can build on today’s game:

“Again, consistency. That’s what we’re looking for across the board, as individuals and as a team.”

On the mentality of the team moving forward:

“No. I think we’ve got great character in that locker room. I know they’re going to continue to fight, starting with me. As I said before, we’re not going to quit. We’re going to continue to try to persevere and find ways to win football games.”

On why QB Josh Rosen did not look comfortable when he was in the pocket:

“Again, I think you’ve got to give those guys credit on that side of the ball. You look at [Chargers DE Melvin] Ingram [III], you look at [Chargers DE Joey] Bosa — two premiere pass-rushers in the National Football League. Those guys did a good job up front. At times we’ve got to do a much better job of trying to help them out a little bit with protection.”

On what he saw today that convinces him the team is still playing hard:

“When you look at the drive we had, when you look at some of the things we did down the stretch – getting off the field on third down — I don’t think those guys quit. I’m not going to even stand up here and say those guys quit. Those guys finished. Do we [need] to play better? Of course we do.”


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