WR Larry Fitzgerald: "When you don’t execute, things like this happens"

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On the status of his hamstring injury and if he could have returned to the game)

I couldve played, but I dont know how effective I could have been. I couldve managed my way through, but that would have not done anybody any good. Im rehabbing it. Its been a little tight for the last ten days or so. Thats part of it and Ill get through it.

(On the Cardinals struggles on offense today and what frustrated him)

There are always going to be things that you can improve on, even in a good game. But, the inabilities to sustain drives, not being able to do the basic things that we work on is frustrating. We played a damn good football team today. The Rams, they will be deep in the playoffs like they were last year. This is just a good ball club. When you dont execute, things like this happens at times. You play against good teams, or you play against anybody, youve just got to do a much better job of executing, completing, catching, getting open, blocking, the whole gamut.

(On Cardinals Head Coach Steve Wilks comments regarding upcoming player evaluations and if he would be surprised if there arent any personnel changes)

There are player evaluations every single week. Youre always looking in the mirror to see yourself improve. That is something as a player you always do on yourself. I dont know about the evaluations Coach (Wilks) is talking about, but anybody that has pride about what they do and has pride about their craft, is always evaluating themselves and finding ways to be able to push themselves to get better.


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