How will Cardinals QB Kyler Murray fare vs NFL Defenses

Tyler Jaggi

It doesn't take a scout or fan too long to realize the type of talent Kyler Murray possesses and why he became the first overall pick in the 2019 NFL Draft.  Murray is a raw but rare talent, with elite athleticism and a great arm. His burst and movement skills are jaw-dropping and will save him when the pocket breaks down. 

NFL's draft evaluator, Lance Zierlein, had this to say about Murray, "he's an electric talent with a live arm, good mental makeup and the skill-set to produce at a high level in the right offense." 

Watching tape on Kyler is fun, he is capable of making throws few quarterbacks in the league are capable of. So the questions everyone wants to know with Murray; how will he fare vs NFL defenses and not the simple Big 12 defenses. How will Kliff Kingbury build his offense around Murray to succeed? 

I figured what better way to see how Murray should fair verse NFL defenses than breaking down his performance against best competition of 2019. His matchup with Alabama. Every year Alabama's defense is loaded with 1st round talent and the closest thing to you get to a  NFL defense as you can see in the collegiate ranks.  Below, I breakdown his tape and see how might find ways Murray can win in the NFL. 

Kyler began this game a bit startled by the speed and talent of the Alabama's defense. He was often pressured and gave up a few sacks in the first several drives. He even got a pass deflected. As Murray began to settle in and get back to his heisman winner ways.

Kyler batted pass
One of the few passes Kyler had batted down this year. Surprisingly, Murray had one of the lowest batted pass rate despite being under 6ft. 
Rushing TD
Kyler is a very opportunistic QB. He usually looks first to pass, but if he sees an opening, he can easily take an advantage of a nice running lane. Easy rush TD for Murray.  
Kyler Back Shoulder
This is a great NFL throw. Perfect placement by Murray on this back shoulder throw. 
Kyler play action
Great play action here to completely free up the TE on the drag route. Murray delivers the accurate throw when a defender approaching.
Kyler deep pass
Kyler is able to get this throw off with a quick release and allow his WR to get good position and comeback to the ball. 
throw on run
The accuracy of this throw on the run is insane. Very few QBs can do this consistently 

It isn't hard to see why Kyler Murray  should have success in this league. He can make every type of throws from all different types of platforms. He's capable of escaping from near sacks and can easily avoid pressure when escaping the pocket. One of the better throw on the run accuracy I've seen in a number of years. Murray's speed will cause problem for opposing defenses when they lineup in man-coverage. In man coverage, defenders will face their WR/TE, guarding/cover them all over the field and won't have their eyes on the QB like they would in zone defense. This would allow Murray to have some large scrambles like we've seen from him in college, so Murray will likely see manly zone defenses. 

Health is the biggest question mark when talking about Kyler Murray playing in the NFL. At his size they been talking about it all draft process, "can Murray stay healthy?.  I think if he can stay healthy, he should have good success in the league. Murray will benefit from recent rule changes that further protect the quarterbacks from being injured. The biggest question for most Cardinals fans is if he can take the big hits and still continue to play a full season. 

It's not hard to see why Kyler possesses the talent to be a special quarterback in this league. As a thrower he's one of the best I've scouted in recent drafts and his mobility is the best I've seen since Michael Vick. If Murray stays healthy, I have not doubts he'll become a top 5 QB soon enough. 

How do you think Kyler Murray will fare vs NFL defenses? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below and make sure to follow me on Twitter @TylerJaggi


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Think he will be great

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I agree. Smart pick for the Cards moving forward


I like the gifs. How good do you think he could be this year?


Murray is small but he does had quite the arm. I hope does well for us.



How do you think Kyler will do in the NFL?

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