5 Key Things to Watch for in Cardinals 1st Preseason Game

Tyler Jaggi

Football is finally back. We will get to see some live hitting and not verse teammates. Here are 5 key things I'll be keeping a close eye on in tonight's game.  

1. Kyler Murray of course

Kyler Murray has been the main discussion this off-season and the hype around him continues to build. It will be nice to finally see how he handles the pressure of the NFL and how he will control this offense. Will he bring the leadership and excitement that Baker Mayfield brought to the Browns in year 1? I'd like to think he should. 

2. Kliff Kingsbury's offensive scheme

Nothing has been a bigger mystery this off-season than how this Cardinals offense will really look with coach Kingsbury's new scheme. We've assumed it will be similar to his Texas Tech spread offense but how will he change it for the NFL. Since it's only the 1st preseason game, I'll assume he's not going to reveal all of his tricks but we should get a glimpse of Kingsbury's playoff.   

3. Which wide receivers stand out?

Cardinals have depth and youth with their WR core. Who will shine in the 1st game? It's still unsure if rookie Andy Isabella will be able to play this week after getting banged up. He was the one I most wanted to see. Fellow rookies, Hakeem Butler and KeeSean Johnson will get plenty of play time to show of their talents. 

Will Cardinals look to sign Michael Crabtree if the WRs seem to struggle? All things to watch in tonights match up with the Chargers. 

4. How is the offensive line going to look? 

The Cardinals had one of the worst offensive play in 2018. They have acquired some new talent on the offensive front, but the line will be shuffled around tonight with injuries to some of the presumed starters. 

The shoulder injury to Justin Pugh (he’s expected to miss a couple of weeks) means second year pro Mason Cole will shift from center and start at left guard. Kingsbury said Pugh should return in a couple of weeks, but if Cole plays well he might steal the starting job.  

5. Health / No injuries

We want to enjoy watching this football game but we don't want to see any injuries to either side. It will be a win for the Cardinals if they can keep everyone healthy going into Cardinals next practice. 

What things will you be watching for during this 1st game? Let me know in the comments below and make sure to follow me on Twitter @TylerJaggi

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Tommy Jaggi
Tommy Jaggi

Kyler was fantastic.