Kyler Murray Leads Fight Through Adversity in Win over Jaguars

Murray believes the team would have faltered in previous years.

As many Arizona Cardinals fans have learned, every Sunday is not rainbows and butterflies in the NFL.

It's a harsh reality, but the mantra "any given Sunday" rings true for a reason. Every team is talented, as there's no such thing as a cakewalk. Games are tough, and not every game will be won. 

Quarterback Kyler Murray experienced this firsthand, arriving to an organization as the No. 1 overall pick two years ago and has battled uphill to get the Cardinals to where they currently are: 3-0. 

The Cardinals insisted a road trip to Jacksonville wouldn't be taken lightly, yet the Jaguars appeared much more insistent on walking out of TIAA Bank Field with a win throughout the better part of the game, even holding a 19-10 lead over Arizona in the closing moments of the third quarter. 

Yet, the Cardinals battled, and remained undefeated thanks to an unanswered run of 21 straight points that proved to be too much for the Jaguars to overcome. 

Sunday's game was by no means pretty, yet the Cardinals aren't here for style points. Football is a 60-minute game, and sometimes rowing through the oceans of adversity are required to see where you and your teammates are at. 

"I'm glad we fought through adversity today. I'm frustrated, but as a team I've been here three years now and [the] last two years, we would have lost that game for sure, and to see us fight through that and come on the road," said Murray following the game. 

"Obviously, any given Sunday, not looking at anybody's record, you can be beaten any given Sunday by anybody. It's good to get a win any way you can, and that's what we came out here and did. That was the goal, coming on the road, getting a win, and that's what we're leaving with."

Much of the talk surrounding Murray in the offseason was his growth as a leader. In a game where he was able to score on the ground but amassed 316 yards with no touchdowns passing and one interception, that leadership was put to the test. 

Left tackle D.J. Humphries believes the team passed. 

"I think it's a sense of accountability. The leaders know who they are and they know what they mean to the team and what they've got to do. And everybody's accepted that role and knowing who they have to be and how they have to be. I think it's a change just because there's guys who are leaders that have grown every year," said Humphries. 

"Kyler has grown as a leader every year. He was a leader last year. He's a leader this year. Every year it's progression. Budda (Baker) was a leader last year. He's a leader this year. Every year it's progression. I think that's something that we're just trying to continue to do. Even with the older guys, like me; like the older guys, we're still trying to get better every year in the same way. So it's awesome."

Murray's seen his fair share of tough outings in Arizona despite the team progressively getting better over the course of his short career. Murray is often crowned as the leader of the team, and perhaps rightfully so given his level of play and position. 

However, Murray said it was a team effort to physically and mentally overcome the challenges the Cardinals faced Sunday.

"I think the mental capacity of this team, the maturity of this team, we've been there. A lot of our young guys stepped up," said Murray. "A lot of our young guys have played a lot of reps. And me, as well, not getting flustered, Coach (Kliff) Kingsbury not getting flustered, us just sticking to it and seeing it through to the end. I think we knew we would catch a break here soon, and it hit, and we kept rolling."