Kyler Murray: Not One with the Force

The Arizona Cardinals quarterback's meditation celebration was not Star Wars themed because he has not seen the movies or shows.

Cardinals head coach Kliff Kingsbury was a Star Wars fan growing up. 

He told the media on Monday that from the age of four to nine, all he wanted to be was Luke Skywalker. 

This added more context to a comment he made last week, as he called wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins a Jedi for some of his moves to score touchdowns in Week 1. 

But, this fandom led to disappointment in his young quarterback over the weekend. 

"I was pretty heartbroken that Kyler (Murray) has never seen Star Wars," Kingsbury said. "I think he could learn some from that trilogy."

Murray scored a 12-yard touchdown run on Sunday against the Minnesota Vikings. He celebrated by sitting on the floor in a yoga pose. While there was nothing else to it, it resembled a character moment in Star Wars from his nickname-sake.

Grogu, more commonly referred to as Baby Yoda, sat in that pose to reach out to Jedi in Season 2 of The Mandalorian on Disney+. 

Cardinals edge rusher Chandler Jones has called Murray "Baby Yoda" multiple times on Twitter, most notably last week. 

Murray praised Jones for being an unorthodox player during a press conference, but he mentioned that the edge rusher does not look great without his shirt on. Jones clapped back on social media, teasing "Baby Yoda" about his new hair style. 

So, Murray said after the game Sunday that his teammates and people online asked him if he was paying homage to Grogu. 

He was not for a very simple reason. 

"I've never watched Star Wars before," Murray said. "So, I got to my phone, I see people talking about Baby Yoda. I had no clue what that was. I wasn't intending to do that because of that. I've never watched it before. It's too long."

Maybe Kingsbury can get Murray to come around on his Star Wars stance at some point.