Cardinals Used an Ohio State Play to Score Against Seattle

Alex Weiner

The Cardinals were down 7-0 in a hurry on Sunday night after allowing a touchdown three minutes into the game against the Seattle Seahawks. After the Arizona offense went three-and-out, Seattle's next possession ended with a field goal. Down by 10 in the first quarter against the top-scoring offense in the NFL, Arizona needed to make some noise offensively. 

So, the Cardinals tried something new.

On third-and-2 on the Seattle 35, quarterback Kyler Murray and several other offensive players looked to the sideline as if they were looking for another call from the coaches. Many defenders looked away from the ball. 

Then, it was snapped. 

Murray dropped back while the Seahawks tried to gather themselves. With a clean pocket, Murray found the NFL’s leading receiver DeAndre Hopkins streaking down the sideline in man-to-man coverage. The cameras caught Murray grinning when he saw that.

Murray delivered a ball right into the arms of Hopkins, who kept his feet inbounds and broke the goal line.

Cardinals heac coach Kliff Kingsbury said on Monday he saw the play done in a college game.

"That play, we stole it from Ohio State," Kingsbury said. "They ran it against Michigan. We all kind of looked at the side like you're getting the play and you snap it to try to catch them off guard. They had a wide open, Ohio State, the kid dropped it but I like the play. It unsettles the (defensive backs) and our guys did a great job. 

"It was a great throw and a great catch by Hop. But, even if you don't hit it, you kind of freak them out for the remainder of the game."

Kingsbury had a few creative moments on Sunday, including handing the ball off with less than a minute left in the fourth quarter while the Cardinals were driving to attempt to tie the game. That worked as halfback Chase Edmonds gained 12 yards with the defense dropping back and they moved into field-goal range. 

The Cardinals' creativity is one of the several reasons why they were able to topple the 5-0 Seahawks. Now, Kingsbury and his staff have a bye week to perhaps get some more inspiration. 

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