Cardinals 2019 odds to win Super Bowl, over/under win totals, and prop bets on Murray's rookie season

Taking a look at Cardinals 2019 odds to win Super Bowl, over/under win totals, and prop bets on Kyler Murray's rookie season stats

2019 Cardinals season bets & prop bets on Murray's rookie stats

It's always fun having a little bit on the table when it comes to your favorite team and favorite sport. Americans love to gamble. Either on the game line, prop bets or even now with fantasy football. 

Today, I'm going to share a few of the Cardinals odds heading into the 2019 season. Oddshark has Cardinals at 5 wins for the 2019 season with -110 for either the over or under. I'd personally take the over bet on this. I'd be a bit shocked if the Cardinals had 4 or less wins. I can see them having more than 5 for sure. I'd be the over on Cardinals total wins. 

Bovada has a prop bet on if Cardinals will make the playoffs. Yes +600 (means pays out 6/1 if you're correct) and No -1000. Cardinals are in the NFC West, one of the hardest divisions right now in the league. I think it's going to be pretty hard to make the playoffs, I'd probably pass on this bet. Even if you bet $100 on Cardinals NOT making the playoffs, the payout is only $10. If you really think Cards can make it to the post-season and they do and bet that same $100 on it, you'd come ahead $600. 

If you want to wager something more daring, Bovada has the Cardinals odds to win Super Bowl 54 at +10,000. Only the Bengals and Dolphins have worse odds. Betting that same $100 as before could net you a large $10k if Cardinals were able to shock the world and win the SB. I wouldn't take that chance right now, still need to see how Kliff Kingsbury coaches and how well Murray handles the NFL. 

Oddsharks and BetOnline have some prop bets on Kyler Murray's rookie stats. They have the over/under 3,200 yards passing for the young QB. I'd easily take the over on this. Kingsbury's offense when be fast paced and will rely on Kyler to throw it more often than not.  They have Murray's rushing yards at an over/under of 475 yards. I think this feels about right. I could see it anywhere from 400-600 yards from him on the ground. The continue with an over/under of passing touchdowns at 19.5. Again, I'd take the over on this. I think the Cards offense will put up some stats (points & yardage). Lastly, they have Kyler's interceptions over/under at 14.5. This one is hard to tell either way. I can see Kyler being aggressive in the scheme to move the ball downfield and get some points but Murray was so efficient and protective of the ball through the air.  I'd probably pass on that prop bet.

What did you think of what "Vegas" believes will be the 2019 outcome of the Arizona Cardinals and Kyler Murray? Are you going to consider betting on one of these lines?  Let me know your thoughts in the comments below and make sure to follow me on Twitter @TylerJaggi  


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He’ll have more rushing yards than that



What are your thoughts on these betting lines? Any you're pretty confident with? I like Murray going over on the passing yardage