Cardinals Film Review: Chandler Jones' Impact Greater than Sacks

The Arizona Cardinals sacked Titans quarterback Ryan Tannehill six times on Sunday and five came from edge rusher Chandler Jones.
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The Cardinals defense did exactly what it set out to do in Sunday's 38-13 victory over the Titans. 

The defensive line gave no room for running back Derrick Henry to operate, they forced quarterback Ryan Tannehill to get rid of the ball quickly and the cornerbacks did their job in coverage. 

Edge rusher Chandler Jones had the performance of the day, setting a career-high with five sacks while forcing two fumbles. 

Upon reviewing the tape, he impacted so many other plays than his five sacks, a career day for one of the league's most productive pass rushers over the last decade. 

Play 1 (8)

Jones set the tone on the first play of the season and his first since Week 5 of 2020.

He made an inside swim move on left tackle Taylor Lewan, throwing him to the side, and dived at Henry's legs for the tackle. 

This was a three-yard loss, the start of a difficult day for Henry. 

Play 2 (15)

The Titans ran a lot of play-action last season. 

The entire Cardinals defense followed Henry, but not Jones. He went right for Tannehill, who had no idea that he was there when he turned around. Jones' speed did not allow Tannehill to secure the ball, leading to an easy poke away. This set up a Cardinals touchdown, the first of the season. 

Play 3 (7)

On a five-man rush, Jones was left one-on-one with Lewan again. He was simply too fast going around the outside. 

Lewan was caught leaning forward on a rip move, making it impossible to adjust once Jones had the edge.  

Play 4 (9)

Another five-man rush led to another play where Jones simply burst past Lewan. Tannehill did not see Jones coming until he heard the footsteps. 

This rush was similar to Play 3. 

Play 5 (11)

This was a Titans touchdown, but Jones did not make it easy. 

The pocket was collapsing on Tannehill, with Jones shoving the lineman into Tannehill just after the ball got released. 

This took terrific discipline from Tannehill to deliver that pass with everything collapsing around him, but Jones would have had another sack on the bull-rush if the quarterback held onto the ball for a second longer. 

Play 6 (12)

Jones did not get the credit for this tackle on the box score, but he is the first one to reach Henry on the run. He forced the running back to shift his body to the left, giving the rest of the defensive line time to take him down. 

Play 7 (13)

This was just bullying. 

Kendall Lamm was in the game for Lewan, and he just gets tossed aside as if he's not 310 pounds. Jones has evidently recovered from his torn biceps.

Play 8 (14)

On this stunt, Zach Allen broke to the outside while Jones replaced him on the inside. Guard Rodger Saffold was not ready for him, and Jones leaped into the unsuspecting Tannehill.

Good coverage on the play forced Tannehill to hold the ball long enough for this rush to work. 

The defensive line, coordinator Vance Joseph's scheme and the coverage lined up perfectly for Jones to have an "epic" game, as safety Budda Baker put it. 

How disruptive he was each time he rushed the backfield, how fast he was around the edge and how strong he looked throwing around 300-pound linemen was a statement from the 31-year-old: "I'm back."