Cardinals have the 3rd most "dead money" in the league in 2019

Cardinals have the 3rd highest "dead money" on their salary cap in 2019. But why in 2020 they will be in great salary cap shape.
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Cardinals have the 3rd highest "dead money" in the salary cap in 2019. Per, Cardinals currently have $30,262,336 tied up into "dead money" out of the league's base salary cap of $188,200,000.

Cardinals Dead money

Below is how the dead money is split up from the different cuts, trades and releases. Of course, the Josh Rosen trade is accounting for the majority of the dead money has he was traded on draft day. The 1st round pick has his complete rookie contract guaranteed and took the financial penalty for the trade.   

Cardinals Dead money2

Josh Rosen isn't the only quarterback eating a chunk of Arizona's Cap space. Former QBs Sam Bradford and Mike Glennon have a dead money cap hit of 5 million and 3 million respectively. Cardinals need Murray to be the real deal since they already have 3 QBs not on the current roster accounting for over 16 million on the salary cap. 

The good news is next season in 2020, Arizona should have nearly no dead money as of now (depending on who they cut this season and next season prior to the season). They should have roughly $60 million in cap space according to This should allow the Cardinals to be aggressive in free agency to build a good roster around Murray while he's on his rookie deal like Kansas City and Cleveland have been able to do with their young quarterbacks.  

With mostly everyone already signed through 2020, who might the Cardinals look at signing to an extension or sign in FA?  Let me know your ideas in the comments below and make sure to follow me on Twitter @TylerJaggi