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Kingsbury: 'My Sole Focus has Been the Chicago Bears'

The Cardinals' head coach deflected questions about the Oklahoma head coaching job by saying his sole focus is on the team’s next game.

During his brief time as a player with the Patriots, Cardinals head coach Kliff Kingsbury apparently learned how to channel New England's Bill Belichick.

After a bad loss to the Kansas City Chiefs a few seasons ago, Belichick famously answered virtually every question about the game with “We’re on to Cincinnati.”

So it was Monday morning when the first question to Kingsbury asked him to address reports Sunday that he is being targeted for the suddenly open head coaching job at Oklahoma and whether there was mutual interest on his part.

Kingsbury said, “Yeah, I don't get into those things. My sole focus last couple weeks has been the Chicago Bears and after watching on Thanksgiving, it needs to be because they're a really good football team and had a big win. And so that's where my focus has been.”

Asked what it was like to have his name thrown into the news on a Sunday afternoon, he said, “I was in the movie room, off the grid pretty much all day yesterday, so it didn't affect me one bit.”

In the past, Kingsbury has talked about his preference for the NFL over the college game as a coach and was asked what he likes most about the NFL. 

He said, “I really enjoy just the professionalism that these guys approach the game with each and every day. Highly motivated. Take care of their bodies, study the game. I mean, it inspires you to be a better coach and step your game up because you'd better come in that meeting room knowing what you're talking about with a level of expertise and trust from those guys or you'll lose them.”

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But back to the Oklahoma rumors. 

One reporter wondered, “Why not just say 'I have no interest in the Oklahoma job?'” 

Kingsbury said, “Yeah, just like I said, we're in season, we're 9-2. Just not a topic I want to touch on right now.”

Of course, he wasn’t going to say that because having those stories out there just might help push along negotiations for a new contract.

To be fair, there was one revelation from Kingsbury after he was asked if during his time in the movie room, he watched only games and film or if he took a break to actually watch a movie.

To which he said, “A little of both. But, I was binging on this show called ‘Queen of the South’ which I got into. I'm late in the game on it, but it's one of those you can't stop watching.”

So, perhaps his sole focus isn't only on the Bears.