Marco Wilson Headlines Three Draft Choices Signed

The Arizona Cardinals have four draft picks remaining to sign after three, including cornerback Marco Wilson, put ink to paper Thursday.

With OTAs beginning around the NFL next week, more than half of this year’s 259 draft picks have already signed contracts, including eight first-round choices.

The Cardinals knocked off three of their seven picks Thursday with the signing of cornerback Marco Wilson (fourth round, 136 overall), safety James Wiggins (seventh round, 243 overall) and center Michal Menet (seventh round, 247 overall) to four-year contracts.

Terms aren’t available yet, but it’s possible to get close judging by players selected near them in the draft. The minimum salaries in the contracts for players drafted from the fourth round on are $660,000 in 2021; $825,000 in 2022; $940,000 in 2023 and $1.055 million in 2024. The only differences in the total value of the3 deals are in the signing bonuses, which decrease with every pick in the draft.

In the fourth round at 134 overall, two picks prior to Wilson, Minnesota Vikings defensive end Janarius Robinson received a signing bonus of $665,400, creating a total value of $4,145,400.

Cincinnati Bengals tackle D’Ante Smith was selected 139 overall, three choices after Wilson, and was paid a signing bonus of $499,344 with a total value of $3,979,344.

So, Wilson’s deal will have a value over $4 million with a signing bonus of around $600,000 and perhaps slightly under.

Unsigned near those slots are Tennessee Titans defensive end Rashad Weaver (135 overall), Seattle Seahawks cornerback Tre Brown (137 overall) and Dallas Cowboys tackle Josh Ball (138 overall).

In the seventh round, the players drafted right before Wiggins, right after Menet and between the two Cardinals have all signed:

242: New England Patriots wide receiver Tre Nixon; $98,676 signing bonus; $3,578,676 total value.

244: Miami Dolphins running back Gerrid Doaks; $96,100 signing bonus; $3,576,100 total value.

245: Pittsburgh Steelers cornerback Tre Norwood; $94,440 signing bonus; $3,574,440 total value.

246: Washington Football team defensive end Shaka Toney; $92,952 signing bonus; $3,572,962 total value.

248: Indianapolis Colts tackle Will Fries; $85,376 signing bonus; $3,565,376 total value.