LB Devon Kennard's $20 Million Contract Counts Only $2.5M Against the Cap This Year

Find out the contract details for newly signed Arizona Cardinals outside linebacker Devon Kennard from the Detroit Lions.
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The four-year contract outside linebacker Devon Kennard signed with the Arizona Cardinals is worth $20 million according to and includes $12.225 million guaranteed. However, only $6 million is fully guaranteed at initial signing.

The full guarantee is a $5 million signing bonus and $1 million base salary in 2020. His $6.25 million base salary in 2021 is currently guaranteed for injury only and becomes fully guaranteed if he is on the roster on the fifth day of the 2021 league year. His base salary in 2022 is $6.75 million.

The fourth year in 2023 automatically voids at the end of the 2020 league year. That extra year is in the contract for cap purposes, so the $5 million signing bonus is prorated over four years instead of three. That makes his cap charge $2.5 million this year: $1 million base; $1.25 million prorated bonus; and a maximum $250,000 per-game active roster bonus ($15,625 per game). The total is considered likely to be earned because Kennard played all 16 games with the Detroit Lions in 2019.

The contract also includes possible bonuses of $500,000 roster in 2021 ($31,250 per game active) and $250,000 in 2022 ($15,625 per-game active). If he plays all 16 games this season, the cap figure would increase to $8.5 million.

*The one-year qualifying contract signed by returning safety and special-teams standout Chris Banjo is worth $1,187,500 and includes $300,000 guaranteed: a $137,500 signing bonus and $162,500 of his league minimum $1.05 million base salary. As a qualifying contract, the cap charge is $887,500, which is $750,000 plus the signing bonus.

*The one-year contract for defensive lineman Trevon Coley, who was not tendered by the Indianapolis Colts as a restricted free agent, is worth the league minimum of $825,000 and has no guaranteed money. He counts $750,000 against the cap.