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DeAndre Hopkins Hand Size Separates Him From Other WRs

Arizona Cardinals head coach Kliff Kingsbury: DeAndre Hopkins has the widest hands I've seen for a player of his size.

Arizona Cardinals wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins went through a stretch in which he caught 225 passes in a row without a single drop. 

In 2018, he became the first receiver to haul in 115 catches without dropping a ball since Pro Football Focus started to keep track of drops in 2006.

His hands are essentially like targets for archers. If the quarterback hits his mark, the ball will stick to Hopkins.

Part of this has to do with sharp concentration and athletic ability. But, it doesn’t hurt to have some giant hands.

At the Scouting Combine in 2013, Hopkins' hands measured an even 10 inches to go with arms that are 33 3/8 inches long.

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Cardinals head coach Kliif Kingsbury said on Wednesday that he has never seen a player of Hopkins' size with hands that wide. Hopkins can grab a ball with one hand like an outfielder with a mitt as seen here.

Kingsbury said, "I'm not kind of an expert on receivers or hand size or things of that nature, but I've never seen a player you know his size with that type of hand width and he just engulfs that thing. I mean, he catches the ball one-handed with ease, easier than I catch with two and that obviously helps who he is as a player. I think just the way he approaches the game when he walks in the field and he has that eye of the tiger. You can see it's a bunch of things, but that (hand size) definitely goes into it because those things are massive and he only needs one hand to catch that football most of the time."

Arizona quarterback Kyler Murray said that Hopkins wears a 3XL-sized glove and has to cut them or else they won’t fit. 

The three-time All-Pro receiver has a plethora of circus catches throughout his career, and Murray has gotten a taste of that during training camp.

"He went up on Byron (Murphy Jr.), he went up on top of him, back shoulder and just snagged it out of the air," Murray said Wednesday. "That was one of those moments we were like, 'Yeah, he's on our team.' Everyone on the sideline was laughing and stuff like that."