Jim Mora Jr. on Larry Fitzgerald: 'I Have a Feeling He'll Come Back'

Former NFL coach Jim Mora Jr. on Arizona Cardinals wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald: ‘I have a feeling he’ll come back.’
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The Fitz Watch continues with exactly two weeks until the NFL Draft.

One person watching closely is Jim Mora Jr., who coached in the NFL for 25 seasons and is working this offseason for the publishers of Fan Nation at si.com. Three of his seasons were as an assistant in the same division as the Cardinals and wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald with the Seattle Seahawks.

Mora has great respect for Fitzgerald and in a conversation with AllCardinals, he said his gut tells him “I have a feeling he’ll come back.”

Of course, he then followed that up with, “But, you know, my feelings don’t mean anything.”

Some believe any player that has ruminated over a retirement decision this long is already retired. However, Mora said Fitzgerald is not like any other player.

“Larry’s offseasons have always been a little bit unconventional (compared) to the typical NFL athlete,” Mora said. “He's a very eclectic guy; likes to travel. He likes to experience new things. He likes to play golf. I think he's still trying to figure out if he has the passion to play football. I don't think a guy like Larry Fitzgerald was ever going to come in and do something halfway. I think he's probably just going through the process in his mind; is there enough out there for me to do beyond football that I can give it up and be OK, or do I still have that driving passion to be a great football player?”

Include Mora with virtually all of the Red Sea when he said, “I hope he comes back. I love to watch him compete. I love to watch him lead. I think he's a tremendous example for all young players in the league and young people all around our country. I've gotten to know him well. And I can't think of a better man than him.”

While there have been suggestions that Fitzgerald might sign with another team like the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, which would reunite him with head coach Bruce Arians, Mora also had strong feelings about that.

He said, “I know one thing: I don't want to see him in any other uniform. That's for certain.”