DL Jordan Phillips on Daddy Duty for Newborn Daughter Amidst COVID-19

Mason Kern

It is an unprecedented time for professional athletes across sports at large due to the fallout of the COVID-19 pandemic. The NFL is no exception.

With sports leagues going virtual, athletes are forced to regiment and maintain a proper routine at home. For some, that alone can be difficult. For Arizona Cardinals defensive lineman Jordan Phillips, it is amplified due to the fact the he is the father of an eight-day-old daughter named Maya.

"This is a tough time," Phillips said. "I just had a baby girl eight days ago. So trying to have a newborn and everything that's going on with that, that's my first priority. Making sure she's safe, making sure my fiancé is safe, it's kind of a hectic time. I'm not gonna say my training is taking a backseat to that, but that's not the important thing right now. It's just making sure my family is safe and everything like that."

With stay-at-home orders in place in 43 states — including Kansas, which is where Phillips and his family are currently located — it can be an intimidating choice to go out for even essential needs. So when Phillips' fiancé went into labor, there were a lot of precautions put in place for a successful birth.

"They just kind of checked your temperature and made sure you didn't have any symptoms before you came in," Phillips said. "But it could only be my fiancé and either my mom or her mom in the room, but just one at a time. So it was a little different and I guess the hardest thing so far is everybody wants to meet the baby, but we have to do it through the window. So they just come over to the house and we put Maya up to the window. That's kind of the weirdest thing. 

"Even at the hospital, nobody could be in the room. It was just me when she was delivered and I had to hold Maya up to the window for everybody to see. I feel for my fiancé because she couldn't have the traditional mom and sisters in the room when she had the baby. That was the most difficult part, I think, just not having the people and more support in there with us when we had her."