'Like Warp Speed': Kelvin Beachum Describes Cardinals' Offense

Howard Balzer

Cardinals right tackle Kelvin Beachum has only been with the team since mid-July, yet earned the starting job in training camp. Even so, he has quickly become an admirer of quarterback Kyler Murray.

The accolades continue to pour in for the second-year quarterback, who appears to be a gift that keeps on giving.

As a guest on the Doug & Wolf Show on Arizona Sports 98.7 FM this week, Beachum joined the chorus of people who have already nearly run out of words to describe Murray’s innate ability.

Said Beachum, “Man, when he gets out in space, it’s amazing to watch. When I need to block, I’m blocking, and then when he’s downfield and making guys miss, I turn into a spectator.”

Defensive coaches around the league are dreading the practice week when the Cardinals are on the schedule. Washington's Ron Rivera went as far as to say Murray was "giving me anxiety" prior to Week 2.

“You have to account for Kyler in the zone game, no matter the backs you have in the backfield,” Beachum said. “(Head coach) Kliff (Kingsbury) and the staff do a phenomenal job of presenting some challenges with putting some guys in motion, whether it’s (wide receivers) Christian (Kirk), Larry (Fitzgerald) or D-Hop (DeAndre Hopkins). Those types of things you have to account for as a defense and you also have to account for the quarterback being able to pull it and run the ball as well.

“As offensive linemen, we say this every week, 'We’ve just got to do our job.'”

Making it doubly hard for defenses is the tempo at which the Cardinals offense operates. Several defensive players on the team have openly stated the difficulty of keeping up in a practice setting and Beachum had a unique way of describing it.

He said, “It’s been body blows after body blows and when you have some of those deep shots that we had; to take a shot like that and then literally get right back on the ball and do another play, it’s hard for the defense.

“It’s fascinating to be a part of. I’ve played in offenses where it’s kind of up-tempo, but this is like warp speed.”

Having said that, Beachum then claimed the pace has the potential to become even quicker.

“We’ve got to continue to press the tempo and I think there’s still room for improvement in that facet of our game,” he said. “To pick up the tempo even more and stay on schedule.”

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