Kyler Murray Needs to Improve for Cardinals Week 3 Dress Rehearsal Game

Tyler Jaggi

It doesn't take an expert to realize Kyler Murray didn't play well Thursday night verse the Raiders. I didn't expect the type of poor performance that Kyler put on. Week 1 he was poised, accurate and made good decisions... this week he didn't do so well in those same categories. It looked as if Kyler needed to settle down, he looked too excited with his throws and was causing them to go bit high. Against the Raiders, Murray went just 3-of-8 passing for 12 yards and no touchdowns or interceptions. 

PFF had this to say about Murray's Thursday performance. 

Kyler Murray left a lot to be desired in his four drives to start the game. He failed to get anything going, and while much of this was due to the poor protection of the first unit offensive line (includng David Johnson and DJ Humphries), he also missed some throws he should have made.

Yahoo Sports continued with the critizsim on Murray's second game:

Murray couldn’t get the offense going, though not all of that was his fault. Arizona had five offensive penalties in the first quarter, including Murray’s best play. He stood in against a blitz up the middle to make a nice back-shoulder throw to rookie receiver KeeSean Johnson. It was called back because Johnson pushed off and got called for offensive pass interference. But the play by Murray itself was nice.

Murray looked rushed on a few plays and missed throws, and the offensive line didn’t help him out. On a third-down play in the second quarter, Murray got to the back of his drop and blitzing safety Lamarcus Joyner was right on him. Murray went down and the sack resulted in a safety. A more experienced quarterback might have sniffed out the blitz and adjusted to get rid of the ball right away. He’s learning. That was Murray’s last play of the night.

Murray should be fine. The Cardinals presumably aren’t showing many of their tricks in the preseason. Early in the season, they could be a tough team to prepare for, in Kingsbury’s first season. But Thursday night showed there will be a learning curve. Arizona’s offensive line isn’t good. Other than Larry Fitzgerald, most of the Cardinals receivers are inexperienced. Like Murray, Kingsbury will have a transition period from college to the NFL.

There will be good days for Murray this season. There will be some rough days. Hopefully for him, none rougher than Thursday night.

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Tyler Jaggi
Tyler Jaggi


What did you think of Kyler's week 2 performance? What was the biggest problem you saw?