Kyler Murray Hears Accolades from Hall of Famer Warren Moon

Howard Balzer

It could be argued vehemently that former NFL quarterback Warren Moon knows “a thing or two” about the position because he’s seen “a thing or two.” The Hall of Famer has also experienced more than “a thing or two” after a career that began in the Canadian Football League in 1978 because NFL teams had questions about making Black quarterbacks the face of their franchises.

So, Moon took his skills north to the Edmonton Eskimos, where he became the full-time starter in 1980 and was part of a team that won five consecutive Grey Cups from 1978-82.

In his time in Edmonton before signing with the Houston Oilers in 1984, Moon passed for 21,228 yards and 144 touchdowns. Combine that with his numbers during 17 NFL seasons (49,235 yards, 291 touchdowns) and he totaled 70,553 yards and 435 touchdowns in his pro career.

For good measure, he rushed for 3,436 yards and 38 touchdowns combined with 1,700-16 in the CFL and 1,736-22 in the NFL.

Moon, who did many years of radio broadcasts for the Seattle Seahawks, sees some similarities between Cardinals quarterback Kyler Murray and Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson. Murray is officially listed as 5-foot-10 and Wilson 5-foot-11.

On, Moon said, “I’ve been around Russell Wilson most of his career up in Seattle. I know there are times, a lot of times, in games where he just can’t see. Fortunately, [Murray] has that ability to move around and make something happen, like a Russell Wilson.

“He can make some plays. There are some disadvantages to being that height, but there are some advantages as far as moving around like those guys can and put the pressure on the defense.”

Moon is not alone in his comparison, either. New Orleans Saints defensive lineman Cameron Jordan likened Murray to Wilson in the NFL Network's preview of Murray's induction into the upcoming NFL Top 100.

"He slips in," Jordan said of Murray. "He slips in and out. It's pretty impressive. He's a baller ... The next Russell Wilson. He's a pure baller."

Count Moon, who was enshrined in Canton 14 years ago, as another that is bullish on Murray’s future.

“He was (Offensive) Rookie of the Year last year,” Moon said. “He had a solid season. Started off slow, got better as the year went on.

“Kyler is a guy whose ceiling is unbelievable because he’s only going to continue to get better.”

Hey, at least, he didn’t say that “the sky’s the limit!”

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A powerful comparison by Warren Moon