Brady Film has Many Striving to Come Close to His Success

Howard Balzer

Perhaps in 20 years or so, Cardinals quarterback Kyler Murray will have a film done about him like the one that just premiered about now Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady.

A short film project by IWC Schaffhausen that premiered Thursday, “Born of a Dream: A boy from San Mateo” depicts Brady "as he pursues his childhood dream and becomes a champion quarterback," according to a press release. The project was shot over several days on locations in Boston, Massachusetts, and Salt Lake City, Utah, prior to travel restrictions caused by COVID-19.

"My experience on 'Born of a Dream' and this really incredible short film was really about collaboration," Brady said. "Everyone playing their role (from) the production team, the director, all the editing that went into it, the sounds. We all felt comfortable in the storytelling. I think this is a very inspirational, optimistic story.

"What I remember most from that production was the scale of it. I had never been on a set quite like that ... The end is probably what I remember most. We were dropping this freezing cold rain up. Between every take we would all run to the warming tent because we were freezing."

Of course, Brady entered the NFL as a sixth-round draft choice (199th overall) while Murray was the first overall choice in the 2019 draft. Murray also had signed a contract to play professional baseball (after being rafted ninth-overall to the Oakland Athletics in 2018) before deciding to pursue his sports future in the NFL.

Even if Murray continues an ascent that began by being the Offensive Rookie of the Year last season, the odds are he won’t be a part of six winning Super Bowl teams and 17 division titles. Those standards will likely stand the test of time.

"Part of the film showed me as a kid with this dream of playing professional sports, transitioning into my early adulthood," Brady said. "Always trying to be at my best to perform and really trying to accomplish those goals that I set out for. There needs to be some naivety, not understanding the odds you would need to overcome some of these dreams, but in my case they were very much a blessing because I never questioned those odds. I just stayed very true to what my dream was."

Still, many eyes are on Brady this season after his move from New England to Tampa, where he will be coached by former Cardinals head coach Bruce Arians, who retired and then returned to lead the Buccaneers in 2019 — never dreaming Brady would land in his lap this season.

"The biggest hurdle I would say I've overcome recently is the transition of moving my life from one area where its been for 20 years to a completely different area," Brady said. "And when you choose different experiences, you realize there's going to be different challenges. There was a time in my life where I was in college and my responsibilities were getting good grades and performing well on the field. Then I became a young professional and it became about a big, intense career focus. Then it was marriage, we decided to have children. So, over time, your responsibilities grow. There's just no one way to approach it and that's with everything I've got.

"Whatever you choose to do, make sure you love doing it. Because if you love doing it, you're going to work hard at it, and if you're going to work hard at it, you're going to have fun. Ultimately, there's going to be success. Maybe not the success that's determined by the outside world, but the success that's most important to you. Every career is going to have challenges and adversities. And I think the film does a great job of telling that story."

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Strong advice from TB12 in this video.

Mason Kern
Mason Kern


The video gives great perspective!