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Fitz Talks Cardinals on Podcast

Long-time Cardinals receiver Larry Fitzgerald talked on his weekly podcast with Tom Brady about how impressed he is with the current team.

Former Cardinals wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald (is it fair to refer to him as former?) appears every Monday on SiriusXM, featuring on the “Let’s Go” podcast with Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady and host Jim Gray.

Fitzgerald hasn’t officially retired after 17 seasons in the NFL, but it sure appears to be trending that way.

On this week’s podcast, the day after the Cardinals 37-20 victory over the Los Angeles Rams, Gray asked Fitzgerald, “What's your assessment of what you see of your team?”

Interesting that he referred to the Cardinals as Fitzgerald’s team.

Fitzgerald said, “Well they look fabulous. Obviously, Kyler (Murray) is really taking the next step. I mean, he was Rookie of the Year as a rookie, made the Pro Bowl last season, and now is the front-runner for the MVP in my opinion. He's really got great command of it.

“They were dominant on both sides of the defensive front and the offensive line and able to run the ball, control the line of scrimmage and really took the wind out of their sail that being the Rams, early in the game. It just looked like a very dominating performance. The secondary of the Cardinals really was flying around and giving the Rams receivers fits all day, and they just looked like they’re really, really clicking on all cylinders.”

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Gray then asked Fitzgerald, “From what you've been able to see, what do you detect has been the biggest change with the Cardinals this season?”

Fitzgerald answered, “I would say Kyler has been on this trajectory, but the way he’s just effortlessly commanding the system, now being in his third year with Coach Kliff (Kingsbury), you can just tell they're on the same page. Some of the checks, it looks like he's at the line of scrimmage checking into really good runs when he's got favorable numbers in the box. And he just has a great command of it.

“Kliff has given him the keys to the ship and he's really controlling things at the line of scrimmage, he's taking his one-on-one matchups with receivers down the field, the guys are making plays, just great continuity.”

On Wednesday, Kingsbury was asked if Fitzgerald said he wanted to play, would there be room for him in the receiver room and what his role would be. Prior to the season, Kingsbury would always saw Fitzgerald would be welcomed back. On this occasion, he dodged the essence of the question, saying, “I would refer both questions to (general manager) Steve Keim and (owner) Michael Bidwill. It's above my pay grade.”

Then asked if he thinks such a scenario might unfold, Kingsbury said, “I have no idea, but I wouldn't even know what's our cap space with that scenario, how that would even look.”

His non-answer spoke volumes.