Most Underrated Cardinal by Is ...

Howard Balzer

Whenever evaluations of players are discussed, it usually centers around those considered the best or busts. Of course, there is a lot of ground in between.

Conor Orr of recently identified who he believes are the most underrated players on each of the NFL’s 32 teams.

Following are the four players from the NFC West.

Arizona Cardinals: Tight end Maxx Williams

Pro Football Focus’s No. 1 blocking tight end of 2019, Maxx Williams had a Net Yards over Average of 241.35 in 2019. That’s incredible. The Cardinals were almost a yard better per run with Williams on the field, which, in case you're wondering, was more significant than every single one of the Cardinals’ regular starters on the offensive line.

Los Angeles Rams: Cornerback Troy Hill

With a 45 percent — forty-five percent! — opponent completion percentage on 57 targets last year, Hill also cut his opponent's quarterback rating nearly in half. Imagine playing in the NFC West frequently as a cornerback and allowing only two touchdowns in a season. Or missing just two of your 45 attempted tackles in a division that has an equally potent cadre of running backs.

San Francisco 49ers: Cornerback K’Waun Williams

While we all know cornerback Richard Sherman played out of his mind last year, K’Wuan Williams made the 49ers almost half a yard better per passing play in 2019, which adds up to over 500 yards throughout the season. The former undrafted free agent logged a completion percentage below 70 and a passer rating more than 30 points better than the one he logged in 2018. The strength of secondaries often ebb and flow based on the talent in the slot and luckily the 49ers have a good one.

Seattle Seahawks: Cornerback Shaquill Griffin

Griffin is the only 2019 Pro Bowler on this list and here’s my justification for doing so: because of the specter of the Legion of Boom, it will be difficult — I think — for the more general fan to accept that the Seahawks have found another player who may be just as good as his predecessors. I’ve predicted, with the addition of Quinton Dunbar, a bit of a renaissance when it comes to the way we view the Seahawks’ secondary and a big reason is because of Griffin’s stoic play out wide. He posted a 57.1 opposition completion percentage playing in one of the best offensive divisions in recent football memory.

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