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No Secret Anymore: Moore Reveals House for Mom

The Arizona Cardinals rookie recently let it slip to the media during training camp about his plans.

We all have dreams. Whether that be to become the best high-school football player in your state, a top wide receiver at the college level or even an NFL draft selection, dreams are pursued every morning when the sun rises. 

It just so happens Arizona Cardinals rookie receiver Rondale Moore has accomplished all of those in his short 21-year-old span on Earth. 

For many professional athletes, a major personal milestone is to purchase their mother a brand new home. There's no repaying our mothers for what they've done to raise us, but upgrading to a fairly nice residence is a good start. 

That was Moore's thought process, one that was just a tad absent during training camp when he told media members after practice of his secret plans to surprise his mom with a brand new house with many microphones and cameras rolling. 

After admitting that he "probably shouldn't have said that" out loud, Moore said he would figure out how to surprise his mom. Respective reporters and Cardinals fans alike waited anxiously after Moore said he already had the keys to the house. 

That was Aug. 4. On Monday (Sept. 6), we finally were again able to speak to Moore after the team's practice. And not to make another misstep again, Moore made sure to tweet out the news prior to speaking with a bunch of people that would let the world know before he did once again. 

Come to find out, the surprise was in no danger of being ruined, as Moore's mother apparently walks with the dinosaurs. 

"She has no social media. Never had social media,” said Moore on Monday in regards to his mom. “(She) probably would still have a flip-phone if I didn’t get her an iPhone to FaceTime me.”

The backstory behind Moore's hard to be topped gift is straight out of a movie.

“She had saw the house before, and she was under the impression that they accepted another offer," said Moore. "(I) told her the offer didn’t fall through and had my realtor basically say, ‘The owner’s home, they’re having an open house if you go look.’ 

"I had some family there and surprised her that way.”

Moore also said his neighbor had brought over a Cardinals flag to display on the house "about six minutes" before she pulled in. 

The Cardinals have yet to begin their regular season in 2021, yet Moore already has one win under his belt: Purchasing a home for the most important person in his life.

Well done, Rondale.