DeAndre Hopkins Trends High in Over/Unders for Receiving Numbers in 2020

Where do Cardinals wide receivers DeAndre Hopkins and Larry Fitzgerald stand in projections for statistical achievements in 2020?
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Where do Cardinals wide receivers DeAndre Hopkins and Larry Fitzgerald stand in projections for statistical achievements in 2020? Glad you asked. has released over/unders for the season and several Cardinals are prominently mentioned.

Hopkins, in fact, is tied for first with four other players for the highest over/under in touchdown passes at 9.5. That’s significant, not because of Hopkins’ obvious talent, but considering the quarterbacks throwing to the other four players.

Davante Adams, Aaron Rodgers; Mark Andrews, Lamar Jackson; Michael Thomas, Drew Brees and Tyreek Hill, Patrick Mahomes. That’s good company for Cardinals quarterback Kyler Murray. The next two receivers at 8.5 – Chris Godwin and Mike Evans – will be catching balls from Tom Brady this season.

Hopkins had seven touchdown receptions with the Texans last season.

In receptions and yards, Hopkins isn’t as high. He’s tied for third with Travis Kelce (Carson Wentz) in receptions at 93.5. Hopkins had 104 in 2019. The two ahead of him are Thomas and Adams/

Hopkins, who had 1,165 yards last season, is tied for ninth in yards (1,149.5) with Kenny Golladay (Matthew Stafford). However, four players are tied for third with an over/under just 100 yards higher than Hopkins.

Larry Fitzgerald makes the list, but far down at 709.5 that is 42nd on the list

These are tough calls, but my sense is that Hopkins will be over in all three categories, and Fitzgerald will certainly have at least 710 yards. That’s an average of 44.4 yards per game. In the accompanying video analysis, the over/under used for Hopkins was 1,124.5, which makes for an even more solid belief that he will go over.

Here are the top 20 over/unders for pass-catchers, including tight ends:


DeAndre Hopkins 9.5

Davante Adams 9.5

Mark Andrews 9.5

Michael Thomas 9.5

Tyreek Hill 9.5

Chris Godwin 8.5

Mike Evans 8.5

Adam Thielen 7.5

A.J. Green 7.5

Allen Robinson 7.5

Amari Cooper 7.5

Cooper Kupp 7.5

Juju Smith-Schuster 7.5

Kenny Golladay 7.5

Marquise "Hollywood" Brown 7.5

Travis Kelce 7.5

Zach Ertz 7.5

DeVante Parker 6.5

Julio Jones 6.5

Odell Beckham Jr. 6.5


Michael Thomas 120.5

Davante Adams 104.5

DeAndre Hopkins 93.5

Travis Kelce 93.5

Juju Smith-Schuster 91.5

Allen Robinson 89.5

Cooper Kupp 89.5

DJ Moore 89.5

George Kittle 89.5

Keenan Allen 89.5

Adam Thielen 84.5

Tyler Boyd 84.5

Tyreek Hill 76.5

Odell Beckham Jr. 75.5

Amari Cooper 74.5

A.J. Green 69.5

Kenny Golladay 69.5

DaVante Parker 66.5

Austin Hooper 64.5

Mark Andrews 64.5

Marquise "Hollywood" Brown 64.5


Michael Thomas 1,399.5

Julio Jones 1,324.5

Chris Godwin 1,249.5

Davante Adams 1,249.5

DJ Moore 1,249.5

Mike Evans 1,249.5

Adam Thielen 1,199.5

Juju Smith-Schuster 1,199.5

DeAndre Hopkins 1,149.5

Kenny Golladay 1,149.5

Allen Robinson 1,099.5

Amari Cooper 1,099.5

Cooper Kupp 1,099.5

DeVante Parker 1,090.5

George Kittle 1,075.5

A.J. Brown 1,074.5

Jarvis Landry 1,074.5

Tyreek Hill 1,170.5

Stefon Diggs 1,049.5

Tyler Boyd 1,049.5