Cardinals Owner Michael Bidwill Tests Positive for COVID-19

Howard Balzer

The Cardinals confirmed Friday that owner Michael Bidwill recently tested positive for COVID-19 and was hospitalized as a precautionary measure, further illustrating that the novel coronavirus spares no one.

The news was first reported by the Arizona Republic and confirmed by the team on its website.

It is believed that the virus struck the 55-year-old Bidwill in the previous three weeks, which he has spent traveling on the East Coast. Earlier this week, the team owner developed a fever and headaches, prompting him to be tested. When it was learned the test came back positive, Bidwill was admitted to a hospital in Rhode Island at the recommendation of his doctor.

The team said his symptoms have subsided and that he is expected to be released from the hospital this weekend.

Prior to beginning his travels, Bidwill had been working remotely since March and was proactive in supporting the community.

Soon after the pandemic hit in March, the club contributed $1 million to the AZ Coronavirus Relief Fund. That was one of the biggest donations to a group that raised over $8 million.

State Farm Stadium was also the site for several blood drives in March and April.

At the time, Bidwill said in a statement, "As a team, we will continue to work on additional ways to make a difference and know that as a community we will get through this challenging time together."

Arizona has seen a surge of positive tests since Memorial Day and now has recorded 116,892 total cases, with 4,221 reported Friday alone. With 3,300 new cases per 1 million residents, Arizona is currently the global center of the epidemic, according to the New York Times.

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Great example of Elite Class Privilege. How many of those who have already DIED were “hospitalized as a precautionary measure, “ immediately after testing


Good news that his symptoms are lessening.

Mason Kern
Mason Kern


Inevitable that positive test results would impact the Cardinals, good that he is getting the proper care he needs.