Patrick Peterson Reflects on Time in Arizona in Players' Tribune Piece 'Legacy'

Patrick Peterson wants to be remembered as an all-time great Arizona Cardinals player.
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Patrick Peterson will be putting on a different uniform for the first time in his 11-year career this season, but he is an Arizona Cardinal for life.

That is how he sees it and how he eloquently wrote it in the Players' Tribune Tuesday morning. 

Peterson signed a one-year deal with the Minnesota Vikings this offseason. He wrote that he is a little surprised to be leaving Arizona, and that he was disappointed in the process of his departure. But, he also understands the business he is in. 

"I’ve been with this team for 10 years, so I’ve seen different versions of my situation play out with other high profile players many times. If you’re at the end of your contract and haven’t gotten another one before the season’s over, nine times out of 10 you’re going to walk."

Calais Campbell leaving for Jacksonville in 2017 is another example. 

The title of Peterson's piece is "Legacy," which is a topic he has discussed on his podcast "All Things Covered" before. He wants to win a Super Bowl and to finish his career having played 15 seasons. 

What he also wants is for people to remember him as is an all-time great Arizona Cardinal. 

"I hope Arizona puts my number up with all their greats — guys like Pat (Tillman) and Larry Wilson and J.V. Cain."

Peterson has the sixth-most interceptions in franchise history with 28, the second-most pass breakups, the eighth-most solo tackles and the most punts returned for a touchdown. He earned three first-team All-Pro honors and was named to the Pro Football Hall of Fame All-Decade Team for the 2010s.

It's difficult to fathom the No. 21 not going in the Cardinals Ring of Honor. 

Peterson filled his piece with stories throughout his time in Arizona, including how former head coach Bruce Arians brought the most out of him. He thanked his teammates and many others and described how he overcame his Type-2 diabetes diagnosis in 2014. 

Peterson said he was saddened at first to leave Arizona, and that he wishes that this offseason went smoother. 

However, he still looks forward to coming back to State Farm Stadium to face the Cardinals this upcoming season and take in everything he had been through over the last decade in red and white.