Mirroring Murray Tough for Jaguars this Week

How will Jaguars try and emulate Cardinals quarterback Kyler Murray in practice this week?

Preparing for Cardinals quarterback Kyler Murray can be a nightmare for opposing defensive coordinators and the Jacksonville Jaguars are facing that this week amid a unique set of circumstances.

Not only are the Jaguars off to an 0-2 start, but four days after Sunday’s game in Jacksonville, the Jaguars will be in Cincinnati to play the Bengals in a Thursday night game.

Head coach Urban Meyer claimed the team’s prep work this week will be affected by the fact that there will be a quick turnaround for the Thursday game.

Meyer said Wednesday, “I’ve done it before. We played (Oregon’s) Marcus Mariota when I was at Ohio State. You put a jackrabbit back there and run around and all that. We’re playing again in four days after this one so I’m just thinking big-picture. We all are.

“We got two humid days, so how many reps can you actually get of that? We’re going to do it, but it wouldn’t be the way I’m used to doing it.”

Meyer also said he will supposedly have his quarterbacks handling mirroring of Murray on scout team. It surely won’t be Trevor Lawrence, and the backups are C.J. Beathard and Kyle Lauletta, who is on the practice squad.

When asked about putting a skill player in that role, Meyer said, “We’re just going to ask our quarterbacks. We can’t do that. We just can’t blow our guys out like that right now.”

The latter comment isn’t logical, considering the Jaguars have five wide receivers on the practice squad: Jeff Cotton Jr., Phillip Dorsett II, Josh Hammond, Devin Smith and Laquon Treadwell.

Those are the players a coach shouldn’t have any problem “blowing out.”

Meyer also was said to have joked about what it was like viewing tape of Murray. He said, “I watch it and I turn it off, walk away, come back, turn it off.”