Podcast: Cardinals Shock Titans and Entire NFL in Week 1

Needless to say, not even the crew of AllCardinals predicted what transpired on Sunday .
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There's a variety of ways to describe the Arizona Cardinals' performance on Sunday. 

A 38-13 victory over the Tennessee Titans left many shocked, while others were simply speechless, including perhaps the Titans themselves. 

"Well, we just didn’t get off to the start we wanted to. Everything that we talk about in trying to start the game off – get the first first down, get into drives, everything that we preach and teach and try to execute – it just wasn’t there," said Titans head coach Mike Vrabel following the game on Sunday. 

"Like it is on a lot of things, it’s one guy here, one penalty here, and it comes down to us playing much more complementary in every phase. It just felt like we were three groups that were independent of each other, not working together. I have to figure that out here quickly to make sure that all three phases are complementary of each other and we’re finding ways to capitalize on turnovers, taking care of the football, running it, and making sure we’re finding ways to affect their quarterback and not allow them be so efficient."

From quarterback Kyler Murray's five-touchdown performance to outside linebacker Chandler Jones' five-sack display, the crew at AllCardinals discusses everything from one of the best displays of football the Cardinals have shown in quite some time.