Police Footage: Former Cardinals WR Jermiah Braswell Arrested

Mason Kern

In video footage acquired by TMZ, body cam of police in Put-in-Bay, Ohio, shows former Cardinals wide receiver Jermiah Braswell getting arrested on alleged OVI (Operating a Vehicle Impaired) charges after driving his orange Camaro into Lake Erie Saturday.

Following the arrest, the Cardinals cut ties with the receiver Monday — who was signed to a three-year deal worth $2.288 million with a $3,000 season bonus (according to Spotrac) following the conclusion of the NFL Draft in April.

"I don't know what happened," Braswell told police after exiting the vehicle, which he was still attempting to operate according to witnesses at the scene.

On several occasions, Braswell tries to defend what had happened with incoherent, slurred speech. He agreed to several field sobriety tests and reportedly had a BAC (blood-alcohol content) over 0.08 after a breathalyzer, which is above the legal limit in the state of Ohio.

"I didn't even know what happened to my car," Braswell appeared to tell police while being handcuffed. ... I wasn't trying to push the car into the lake at all. I honestly was just trying to get someone to get my car."

Witnesses reportedly claim that Braswell was driving at a high speed before cutting through a grassy patch and off the embankment into the lake. 

"Honestly, I play for the NFL, dog," he said. "I'm not trying to be an enforcer at all. I'm trying to get out of here as much as you. ... I'm not drunk at all. You want me to do everything, I can do that."

Braswell was reportedly booked by the Put-in-Bay police department, which is nearly 50 miles away from his hometown of Toledo.