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Rams Head Coach Sean McVay: In His Own Words

Rams head coach Sean McVay talks about the Cardinals, quarterback Kyler Murray and his own team.

Prior to Sunday's game, Rams head coach Sean McVay spoke to the media about the game, Cardinals quarterback Kyler Murray and more. Here is the transcript of most of what he was asked:

On Darrell Henderson Jr.’s status for Week 4:

“I think that he's going to be able to. I don't anticipate him not being able to go. He's been good this week, so no updates. Whether we put him as a limited participant or not, I don't know that. But he's going to play.”

On if CB Jalen Ramsey will shadow WR DeAndre Hopkins:

“Perhaps. He's a great player. They're doing a good job moving the ball around. I think there'll be some times that they might be matched up, and there might be some other times where they're not. But, Jalen’s versatility will be on display, as will DeAndre's and sometimes those guys will be aligned on one another. Similar to when you guys were asking about Aaron (Donald) and (Colts guard) Quenton Nelson a couple of weeks ago. So, these are two premier players at their positions. There'll be some times, but that versatility that Jalen displays is something that we'll look into, but we'll see how the game unfolds.”

On CB Darious Williams’ versatility and being able to go wherever CB Jalen Ramsey goes:

“Yeah, I think you just said it. I mean, you're not able to do that unless you have somebody that can be flexible as well. You know, Jalen is incredibly talented. He's gotten a lot of credit and rightfully so, for the different things and the amount of different hats that he's able to wear for our defense. In the same light, because a lot of those times when Jalen is outside or Jalen is inside, Darious is vice versa. To be able to do that gives us so much flexibility defensively, especially when you're talking about with the same 11 bodies on the field, that don't give you any really tips and tells of when those types of situations might come up. (Defensive coordinator) Raheem (Morris) and our defensive coaches have done a great job with that, but for sure you have got to give a lot of credit to Jalen and Darious and their versatility and the ability that both those guys have both physically and mentally.”

On the differences between the two mobile quarterbacks the Rams are going to be facing in five days – Seahawks QB Russell Wilson and QB Kyler Murray:

“They are both great players. They're kind of different in terms of how they extend plays, but they're both very athletic. Right now, our sole focus and concentration is on the Cardinals. We will worry about our next game after we play this one. This is a great team. We've got our hands full. We've got to be ready to go. It's going to be a great atmosphere and environment; two 3-0 teams going at it. It's just our first division game and that's really important for us to play well. We know what a great challenge it's going to be. But Kyler, he presents all types of problems. It's going to be a great challenge for sure.”

On if WR DeSean Jackson will actually return kicks:

“Oh yeah, absolutely. We will talk about those things. But have you seen him return punts? He's pretty damn dynamic. So, there is a possibility of that, but again we're working through all those things in the meantime right now. But the contingency plans are we've got two guys from the receiving corps outside of TuTu (Atwell) that we both feel good about their ability to make good decisions. Good things happen when the ball is in both those guys hands. Those are the two candidates that would be in the immediate conversation.”

On what's the biggest difference he has seen in Kyler Murray from Year 1 to Year 2:

“He has always been such a dynamic playmaker that can extend plays. He's doing a great job distributing the ball evenly. (Christian) Kirk's their leading receiver right now, but he's getting Hopkins involved. A.J. Green's making his plays. They've done a nice job getting (Chase) Edmonds involved. Maxx Williams as well. The way he is seeing the field, and then just the explosive athleticism. His ability to extend plays has always been well-documented, but to be able to be decisive, understand where those issues are coming from, and then being able to make plays in the rhythm and timing that sometimes you're looking for. Being able to do either/or and the consistency at which he's doing it through these first three games is really what stands out. But it's not like he hasn't been a dynamic playmaker since he got into the league. It's why he won rookie of the year. And he's healthy and he's fresh. Like I've said all week, he's a problem.

On how Jalen Ramsey has matured since coming to the Rams:

“I think only Jalen can answer that, but what's great is he's surrounded by people that are really, ‘Hey, let's empower you. Understand the responsibility that comes with those things.’ He's just naturally grown into it by being himself. He's a great football player, but he's also bringing people with him. And I feel like it is kind of it's a broken record, but it's been really important for our football team and watching the way that he approaches day in and day out. How competitive he is, how smart he is. How much he wants to be on the screws with every little detail. That's really shown and I think he can feel that there's an investment from his teammates, from his coaches, from the organization. When anytime somebody feels supported, usually good things happen. But he'd be better equipped to answer that. But he seems like he's having fun and it's fun to watch him do his thing.”