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COVID-19 Tracker: Another 'Plus' Day for NFL with Six Activated, One Reserve

The NFL and its daily testing has been a success to this point with only 17 of 110 players placed on reserve/COVID-19 still unavailable.

The numbers continue to decrease for NFL players on the reserve/COVID-19 list.

Saturday, six players were activated, with one then waived, and one placed on reserve.

The Packers finally had one of their five players leave the list when kicker Mason Crosby was activated. He was on reserve for 17 days. Still on the list for Green Bay are linebacker Greg Roberts (19 days), defensive tackle Treyvon Hester (17), tight end Jace Sternberger (17) and long snapper Hunter Bradley (13).

Miami had its 16th instance of a player being placed on the coronavirus list: defensive tackle Brandin Bryant. They have had 15 different players on reserve because defensive tackle Benito Jones has been on twice. The Dolphins were able to activate guard Ereck Flowers, while still having cornerback Xavien Howard on reserve.

Also activated were Falcons fullback Keith Smith, Raiders defensive end Maxx Crosby and Jets defensive back Shyheim Carter and linebacker Ahmad Gooden, who was promptly waived.

In the last nine days, nine players have been placed on reserve and 41 activated.

Since the start of training camps league-wide, 110 players were placed on reserve/COVID-19 with 93 activated, eight of whom were waived. Those 110 players were on reserve for a cumulative total of 955 days.

The player with the record amount of days on this particular reserve list is Jaguars rookie guard Tre’Vour Wallace-Simms with 20.

The 17 players currently on reserve have been on for 210 days (12.4 average). That, of course, includes Bryant and Saints wide receiver Deonte Harris, who went on the list Friday. Eleven players have been out for at least 10 days for a total of 183 (16.6 average). Eight have been on reserve for at least two weeks.

  • 48 players have been placed on active/PUP with 17 passing a physical, two waived and one placed on reserve/PUP.
  • 31 players were placed on active/NFI, 14 passed physicals and one was waived.
  • Nine were placed on active/non-football illness with seven passing physicals, one of whom was then waived and one, Cardinals tackle Marcus Gilbert, opted out.

Here is a team-by-team look through Saturday based on what has been reported officially to the league office:

Arizona: 1 opt-out, 2 illnesses (both passed physicals)

Atlanta: 7 COVID-19 (6 activated); 1 illness (passed physical)

Baltimore: 2 opt-outs, 1 COVID-19 (activated), 1 PUP, 1 NFI

Buffalo: 2 opt-outs, 5 COVID-19 (all activated), 1 PUP, 1 NFI (passed physical)

Carolina: 2 opt-outs, 1 PUP (passed physical), 1 illness (passed physical)

Chicago: 2 opt-outs, 3 COVID-19 (all activated)

Cincinnati: 2 opt-outs, 2 COVID-19 (1 activated), 3 PUP (2 passed physicals), 4 NFI (2 passed physicals)

Cleveland: 5 opt-outs, 5 COVID-19 (all activated), 3 PUP (all activated), 1 NFI (activated)

Dallas: 3 opt-outs, 2 COVID-19 (both activated), 2 PUP (1 passed physical)

Denver: 2 opt-outs, 1 COVID-19, 1 PUP (passed physical), 1 NFI (passed physical)

Detroit: 3 opt-outs, 8 COVID-19 (all activated), 1 PUP, 1 NFI (passed physical)

Green Bay: 1 opt-out, 5 COVID-19 (1 activated), 2 PUP, 2 NFI

Houston: 1 opt-out, 2 PUP (1 activated)

Indianapolis: 3 opt-outs, 2 COVID-19 (both activated, 1 then waived), 3 PUP (1 waived), 2 NFI (1 passed physical)

Jacksonville: 3 opt-outs, 12 COVID-19 (9 activated), 2 PUP (both passed physicals), 1 NFI (passed physical), 1 NFIllness

Kansas City: 3 opt-outs, 1 COVID-19 (activated, then waived), 2 PUP, 1 NFI

Las Vegas: 3 opt-outs, 3 COVID-19 (2 activated), 1 PUP, 1 illness (passed physical, then waived)

L.A. Chargers: 1 NFI, 1 illness (passed physical)

L.A. Rams: 1 opt-out, 2 COVID-19 (both activated), 1 NFI

Miami: 2 opt-outs, 15 COVID-19 (1 on twice, 14 activated/1 waived), 1 NFI (passed physical)

Minnesota: 1 opt-out, 9 COVID-19 (all activated, 2 subsequently waived, one with non-football illness), 1 PUP, 2 NFI (passed physicals)

New England: 8 opt-outs, 4 PUP (1 passed physical)

New Orleans: 2 opt-outs, 3 COVID-19 (2 activated), 2 PUP (1 passed physical)

N.Y. Giants: 3 opt-outs, 2 COVID-19 (both activated), 2 NFI (both passed physicals), 1 illness (passed physical)

N.Y. Jets: 3 opt-outs, 4 COVID-19 (3 activated/1 waived), 3 PUP, 1 NFI

Philadelphia: 1 opt-out, 3 COVID-19 (all activated), 2 PUP

Pittsburgh: 4 COVID-19 (all activated, 1 then waived)

San Francisco: 3 opt-outs, 2 COVID-19 (both activated, 1 on NFI), 5 PUP (2 passed physicals), 3 NFI

Seattle: 1 opt-out, 1 COVID-19 (activated), 1 PUP, 3 NFI

Tampa Bay: 1 opt-out, 3 COVID-19 (all activated), 1 PUP

Tennessee: 1 opt-out, 3 COVID-19 (1 activated), 2 PUP (1 passed physical)

Washington: 2 opt-outs, 1 COVID-19 (activated), 2 PUP (1 passed physical), 1 NFI