Should Cardinals Trade Patrick Peterson?

Tyler Jaggi

The Arizona Cardinals star cornerback Patrick Peterson returned this week as the Cardinals will face the New York Giants Sunday, but the team may have several options with the future of Patrick Peterson per Adam Schefter.

ESPN's Adam Schefter says

"in recent weeks, the Cardinals have gotten calls from at least three teams interested in trying to trade for Peterson, a league source told ESPN."

Over the past year, six or seven teams have inquired about Peterson, but the Cardinals have told all those teams -- in no uncertain terms -- that they are not interested in trading the eight-time Pro Bowler, according to sources. Still, it hasn't stopped teams from checking in to see whether they can pry loose Peterson, who asked for a trade last season. With the Oct. 29 trade deadline approaching, Arizona continues to insist it won't deal Peterson.

The shutdown corner's name was brought up in trade speculation before his suspension for violating the NFL's performance-enhancing drug policy, and they are starting up again. This isn't the first time Peterson's name been rumor around the trade deadlines. Last October, Adam Schefter said Peterson requested a trade with the Cardinals which never happens.

Peterson spoke with the media upon returning to the Cardinals this week and spoke about his future with the Cardinals.

“I’m here. I have a contract with the Cardinals for these 10 games and next season,” Peterson said. “Whatever happens after that is pretty much out of my control. I’m here preparing for the Giants and the other nine games on the schedule. I’m just happy to be back to help my guys.”

What should the Cardinals do with All-Pro cornerback Peterson after seeing what Jacksonville was able to get in return for their value All-Pro Jalen Ramsey?

Trade Peterson

Should the Cardinals entertain these trade offers? Jaguars were able to get two 1st round picks and a  4th rounder for cornerback Jalen Ramsey. Mike Lombardi believes the Cardinals will get a better haul for Peterson prior to the trade deadline than they would after the season because “desperation makes better deals.” Lombardi said Arizona likely wouldn’t get two first-round picks for Peterson because he’s five years older than Ramsey. But, he added, if multiple teams are interested, that would drive up the Cardinals’ bargaining position. 

Could Cardinals get a 1st round pick plus more? I think there'could with several teams interested in Patrick Peterson such as the Chiefs needing help on their defense to get them a real chance at beating New England.  

There is an obvious downside in trading Peterson before Oct. 29. It sends a bad message to the other 52 players in the locker room. They just got one of their few impact defensive players back and the team trades him less than two weeks later? That wouldn’t go over well.

Keep Peterson

Cardinals defensive coordinator Vance Joseph spoke on what the return of Peterson can bring to the team.

“When you have a guy like Patrick you don’t have to worry about one side of the field,” defensive coordinator Vance Joseph said. “If they decide to attack Patrick, shame on them. … When you have two young corners it’s tough to help one and leave one by himself, so you have to play more balanced to help both guys. But a guy like Pat P makes it easy to call defenses because he can take away one side of the field.”

It would hard to trade away one of Arizona's best defensive player when the Cardinals’ defense has blown a 14-point lead and a 17-point lead in the past two games. Peterson could’ve prevented all of that. Maybe the Cardinals would’ve beaten the Lions with Peterson in the Week 1 lineup. Either way, it would be tough trading a player of his talents even when Arizona is a young rebuilding team. 

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With the team focusing on developing its younger players, it's hard to imagine that they would keep someone who is 29. But, losing P2 creates a huge hole that not many can fill.

Tyler Jaggi
Tyler Jaggi


It would be tempting to get multiple picks for Peterson. Would you want the Cards to trade him if they could get a 1st & 3rd?