Starks: What Kyler Murray needs to do that Josh Rosen didn't do in his 1st year

Tyler Jaggi

Max Starks believes Kyler will need to do something that he didn't see from Rosen last season... Signature wins.

“I think wins factor into this, but more specifically I need to see a signature win,” Starks said on NFL Total Access on Sunday. “That’s one of the things that was missing, and the reason why Steve Wilks is gone, why Josh Rosen is gone is because they didn’t have that signature victory. “For the Cardinals and Kyler Murray, I need to see the signature win, a come-from-behind victory against a good team.”

Starks went as far as even providing an example as to what that signature win from last year with the Broncos and what Von Miller comments heading into Thursday Night Football with Arizona? Von said he was “going to kick their [expletive].” Instead of living up to the pressure put on by Miller, the Cardinals suffered one of the worst losses of the year. The team fell 45-10 in their lone primetime appearance. Rosen committed three interceptions, two returned for touchdowns, and only had 194 yards and one score.

Can Kyler do what Rosen wasn't able to do and get some signature wins? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below and make sure to follow me on Twitter @TylerJaggi

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I think Kyler can propel Cardinals to a few wins against some strong teams. Hbu?